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2 July, 2012

Celebrating with Dalia Khichidi

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Guess what The Mad Scientist’s Kitchen has reached the 1, 00,000 mark. Yeah! I have a lakh page views. It has all been possible all because of you out there supporting me and encouraging me to give my best.  Thanks a lot. To celebrate I would like to share a diabetic friendly dish. Dalia Khichidi!
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26 January, 2012

Soothing Dalia Soup

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I had then chosen to make Godi Kuttid Payasa for Blog Hop. Yummy and creamy and in short delicious! Living in a family of sweet haters or rather choosy sweet eaters (for there are few sweets that are eaten) I have forgotten about payasa or kheer. In my mother’s place breakfast menu was fixed jowar roti
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30 November, 2011

Godi Kutid Payasa~ A Blog Hop

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Blog Hop one schedule that I thoroughly enjoy.  Though I am taking care not to tax my fingers a lot this one piece is typed out in bits and pieces and over a long period. Hopefully by the end of the next month my fingers will be better.  Okay enough of this Old Woman cry
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