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26 March, 2018

Dal Dhokli| Stew of Dal and Wheat Flour Noodles

Dal Dhokli| Stew of Dal and Wheat Flour Noodles
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Dal Dhokli is a Gujarati dish made by boiling wheat flour noodles in a pigeon pea stew. In Maharashtra, it is called Varan Phal (Marathi: वरण फळ), or Chakolya (Marathi: चकोल्या). The dish is popular in Marwar region of Rajasthan but the Gujaratis enjoy their Sunday morning meal with Dal Dhokli. Dal Dhokli is a
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24 November, 2017

Sai Bhaji|Sindhi Sai Bhaji|Green Leafy Vegetables with Dal

Sai Bhaji|Sindhi Sai Bhaji|Green Leafy Vegetables with Dal
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Sai bhaji, I had my eye on the delicious Sindhi vegetarian curry or stew that uses mainly from dal (lentils), palak (spinach) and other vegetables. Sai bhaji is also known as Sindhi Sai Bhaji.  Sai Bhaji is a rich source of nutrition as it contains lentils and the greens used. It is popular in Pakistan,
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18 September, 2017

Lasooni Dal Recipe, Garlicky Dal Recipe

Lasooni Dal Recipe, Garlicky Dal Recipe
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Lasooni dal is garlicky dal that has the predominate flavours of garlic in it. Made from a mixture of toor dal and moong dal is mildly spicy and goes well with steamed rice and roti. This Punjabi dal is tempered with ghee, spices and of course garlic. This tasty and easy dal is a treat
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9 September, 2015

Palak Moong Dal

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Being vegetarians our major source of proteins is dal. It’s a challenge to make something different at times. When I saw this Thotakura-Amaranth leaves dal I was keen on making this dal. Since we do not get Amaranth leaves here I was wondering how I will make this dal. Then I saw Padma’s line you
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1 September, 2015

Pumpkin Curry,Sri Lankan Way

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Pumpkin Curry is something that everyone rejects in my place. But Pumpkin Curry,  Curry, Sri Lankan Way is one delicious curry that all of loved.  When I decided to bring #Sri Lankan Cuisine “#BuffetonTable ” as a #Blogging Marathoner  I had no idea what a jackpot I had hit on. Actually, I have a neighbour
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12 June, 2013

Kali Dal

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Like I said my ideas for this edition of BM were zero.  Then thankfully I rang up Vaishali this is one of her suggestions. I must say that I have made this dal for the first time and I am tasting this dal after ages.. Now I have this dal written down somewhere I know
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4 January, 2009

Sambhar, Huli a South Indian Vegetable Stew

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 I love Sambhar, also called as Huli in Kannada it is one versatile lentil based stew. Make Sambhar as an accompaniment to idli, dosa, rice, gundpangalla/appe . Sambhar is very easy and cooks fast. Huli is also very versatile add any vegetable or remove ant that you do not have. The difference between Rasam or saar and sambhar
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