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Sweet Potato Halwa| Ratalyacha God Halwa

Sweet Potato Halwa| Ratalyacha God Halwa
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Sweet Potato Halwa( Ratalyacha God Halwa) is delicious and quick dessert, serve it as a dessert or as a fasting recipe. This method of making halwa is different from the Kees or Ratalyacha sheera ( recipe coming)that I make regularly and I quite liked the taste of this Halwa the added advantage is it is faster.
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Sweet Potato Pound Cake

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Sweet Potato Pound Cake “Mamma what a beautiful cake can I have some!” These words my ears pine hear. Words I hear very rarely!   I let them eat before I mentioned that it’s Sweet Potato Cake! Sweet Potato is something they do not eat! So friends “#FireUpYourOven“to make this amazing cake! The other food I
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