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20 September, 2017

Everyday Dal Tadka Recipe

Everyday Dal Tadka Recipe
Comments : 12 Posted in : Bachelor Recipes, Blogging Marathon, Brunch, Chana daal, Cook Book Series, Daal or Lentils, Dals or Daal, Festive Cooking, Healthy food, Indian Cuisine, Meal, Protein Rich Food, Sanjeev Kapoor, Side Dish, Simple and Healthy Vegetarian Diet in Old Age, Toor Daal on by : ArchanaPotdar
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Dal Tadka is the commonest form of making dal and is the most delicious form of dal. Every household has a different way of cooking dal. Dal or daal is a staple food for the most vegetarians in of Indian, Nepalese, Pakistani, Sri Lankan and Bangladeshi cuisines and we consume a variety of dals. Dals
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11 September, 2017

Lauki aur Chana Dal Recipe|Bottle Gourd and Split Bengal Gram Recipe

Lauki aur Chana Dal Recipe|Bottle Gourd and Split Bengal Gram Recipe
Comments : 14 Posted in : Bachelor Recipes, Blogging Marathon, Cook Book Series, Curry, Daal or Lentils, Diabetics Friendly Foods, Gravy, Healthy food, Indian Cuisine, legumes, Protein Rich Food, Punjabi Cuisine, Sanjeev Kapoor, Simple and Healthy Vegetarian Diet in Old Age on by : ArchanaPotdar
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Lauki and Chana dal vegetable i.e Bottle gourd (opo squash) and Split Bengal Gram is a delicious tasting curry that is not too spicy.  This curry is made without onions and garlic, the spices used too is mild. You can use tomatoes too to make this bottle gourd and split Bengal gram vegetable but I
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19 July, 2014

Gor Keri a Raw/Green Mango Pickle

Comments : 5 Posted in : Condiments, Cook Book Series, Gujarati Cuisine, jaggery, Mango Pickle, Pickle, Raw Mango/Green Mango, Sanjeev Kapoor, Sweeteners on by : admin
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Last week I shared the pickle masala from the book Marwari Vegetarian Cooking by Sanjeev Kapoor. Try this pickle and enjoy the praises that come your way.My friends have been corrected by my friends that Gor Keri is a Gujarati dish so I am changing my category from Rajasthani to Gujrati. Thanks Vaishali and Preeti!! Gor Keri a
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2 April, 2013

Crackling Spinach

Posted in : Appetizer, Blogging Marathon, Deep Frying, Ocassions, Palak, Sanjeev Kapoor, Til/Yellu/Sesame Seeds on by : ArchanaPotdar
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Ages ago I had eaten crackling spinach. The wonder that the spinach can remain so crisp was at the back of my mind. But I never did think of making it. I just do not know why? Now that I was racking my brains for new recipes, scouring old memories (read papers, pictures) for the
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25 February, 2012

Trinidad Pulao BM#13, Day 3

Posted in : Bachelor Recipes, Blogging Marathon, Cook Book Series, Meal, Rice, Rice the Versatile Cereal and Its Uses, Sanjeev Kapoor on by : admin
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  This was what Sanjeev Kapoor demonstrated on TV ages ago my elder daughter and I watched it. Her being a very fussy eater I was surprised when she asked me to make it. She must have been 7-8 years then and it’s a favourite with her even now. Unfortunately, for her, I do not
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