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22 July, 2012

Mango Shake

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One of my favorites drink is Mango milkshake. But I hardly make it. Why?  I am the only one who relishes it.
I live with a mango hater; another will eat only
mangoes that are cut and one who will only suck on the mango.
Now I am someone who will eat mango in any form, from
ice cream to cut them or suck on them. Result I never make mango shake.
But this summer, when we were supposed to go out of
station I wanted to clear the fridge, read finish the mango ice cream and ½ mango
in the fridge. The burden to do so was on me!!
What better way than to combine the two.
So the mango the ice cream about 1 scoop and 1 cup
milk went in the mixer and was blended.
Enjoyed the shake so much!!


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