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Week 1


Lunch Accompaniment



MondayRava/sooji che ThalipeethBharli VangiVaran+BhatStir fried Babycorn
TuesdayPhodnicha BhaatLentil – Dal Curry Recipe, Sri Lankan WayPasta Salad and Stir-fried MushroomsGrape Jam Toast
WednesdayDelicious Chocolate Smoothie BowlMushrooms in Pungent SauceCabbage Salad Indian StyleDigestive Biscuits Chocolate Ladoos
ThursdayMoong Dal DhoklaMooli ke ParatheGreek Spinach Rice|SpanakorizoShira
FridayPesaraattu & UpmaGreek Green Beans3 Ingredient Mac & CheeseLow-Fat Broccoli Salad
Saturday Uppittu Stir fried Burnt Garlic MushroomsPasta SaladMoong Dal Kheer
SundayVegetable Spiced Cake HandvoBeetroot StirPaneer Pav BhajiSweet Poha


What do you need to buy?

I have listed the specific ingredients. The general ingredients, like onions, tomatoes, rice oil etc I have assumed you have and not listed. Plese, check your pantry before you proceed.

Week 1BreakfastLunch AccompanimentDinnerSnacks
MondayRava/sooji, coconut freshSmall brinjalsToor dal or Daal,Baby Corn, Spring Onion, Besan
TuesdayLeftover rice, GroundnutsMasoor dal or red lentil, coconut milk, Sri Lankan Spice powderBreadcrumbs, Lettuce, Pasta, Red and Yellow Capsicum, Mushrooms, Egg, Eggless MayonaiseGrape Jam, Cheese, Sliced Bread
WednesdayOats, Cocoa, Chia SeedsMushrooms, Pungent SauceCabbage, Grated coconutBiscuits, condensed milk, desiccated coconut
ThursdayMoong dal, Besan, Rava/soojiRaddish and its leavesSpinach/PalakRava/sooji
FridayMoong dal, GingerFrench Beans, Tomatoes, Olive OilBroccoli, French beans, Carrot, Hung curds, Red and Yellow CapsicumElbow Pasta, Cheddar Cheese
SaturdayRava/sooji, Cabbage, Cauliflower, PeasMushrooms,  Soya Sauce,Shell Pasta, Cauliflower, Carrots, Mushrooms, Mayonnaise, Lettuce, Spring onionMoong Dal, Khus khus/poppy seeds, Chopra,
SundayBottle Gourd, Channa Dal, Urid dal, Moong dal,Beetroot, Til/ Sesame seedsPaneer, Pav Bhaji Masala, PavThick Poha, Jaggery


I made this Meal Plan but it is not practical for me as I cook once in the day and we continue eating the same in the night and we hardly have snacks like above as I have no time. So sticking to what is helpful to me.



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