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Low fat Dahi Vada

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Nupur announced her challenge this month it was to make either spring rolls or
dahi vada.
 So what is new you will ask my dear the challenge that Nupur poses
is different. She chooses a deep fried dish and expects you to make it not
fried but search for different options other than fried. Interesting? Well do
check it out. I am sure she will add newer members.
Now I have made baked spring rolls. Dahivada with a difference here has been made by my SIL so I did not know how else
to make it. In no mood to trudge to the mall to search for the spring roll
wrappers which I am sure will not be there, I decided to make dahi vada.How ??? was the question that worried me.

Luckily I saw Chandrani’s version where she has microwaved her vadas and decided to make that.  The flour ground I started. And the power
decided that it has been behaving very nicely all these days people have
started taking it for granted … so I had to choose another mode. I dug out my
appe patra or gunpangala hanchu and make these vadas. The reason why dahi vadas have to be made immediately after the flour is ground is else they become hard, do not soak well.
 Wait let
me start from the beginning…

The Ingredients:

1 ½ cup white urid dal
½ cup moong dal
4-5 green chillies
1 ½ litre dahi/curds

To serve

Red chilli powder
Chaat masala
Tamarind chutney

To make the tempering

Few broken pieces of red chilli
Jeera/cumin seeds


Wash and soak the dal in sufficient
water for 4-5 hours.
In case you are going to fry the
vadas heat up the cooking oil (I use rice bran). Since I was going to microwave
I did not follow this step.
In a mixer with the dry blade
grind the dal with the green chillies and salt use minimum water (and hence use
the dry blade). Mix the batter thoroughly.
Here I had a power failure and had
to dig out my gunpangla hanchu or appe patra and apply a little oil in the
holes and using 2 teaspoons I dropped the batter in the waiting tava.
In meanwhile in a bowl take
some water.  Set aside.
In another one add some of the
dahi say 3 ladles,salt and whisk well. Add some water again 3 ladles in the bowl to make
thin buttermilk.
 One side of the vada will now be done turn it
in the hole and cook on the other side till it gets done.
Once both sides get done
transfer the vada to the water bowl and let them soak for say 5 -10 minutes. Squeeze
out the water and transfer to the buttermilk bowl again 5 -10 minutes.
 Then transfer the soaked vadas to a bigger
bowl lined with some curd. I generally make a circle then line the inner circle.
Once the layer is done add some curd to cover this layer then add some more
vadas in same fashion in the next layer.  
Meanwhile you next batch of
vadas will be ready follow the same method outlined above. The reason I follow
this method is that this way the vadas become soft, soak till the centre and
you require a bit lesser curds.
Once all the vadas are made
cover with a big lid and keep in the fridge. Till serving time.
While serving dish the vadas in
individual bowls top it with red chilli powder, chaat masala, tamarind chutney
and the tempering.
To make the tempering
Heat the oil add the chillies and
fry till they change colour. Remove.
Add the jeera seeds and switch
off the flame. They become brownish black which is what I am looking for.


  • You can avoid the tempering totally but believe me it tastes awesome with it.
  •  Some of my friends want sugar in place of salt for their curds you can replace salt with sugar. We prefer salt.




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