Methi Thepla

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#Methi Thepla

Methi Thepla

At the cost of repeating myself let me say that the diversity of Indian cuisine is reflected in the sheer variety of flatbreads and crêpes.

Most Indian breads are flatbreads, that is flattened by rolling and are mostly without the addition of leavening agent. The use of whole wheat flour, rice flour, jowar, bajara, ragi is well known. If you think only rotis are made then there are dosa that use lentils.

In case you are interested in Indian flat breads you can check out my post here.

We do not use only whole grain flours to make flatbreads we also use vegetables to increase the nutritive value of the roti and the fibre content in the paratha.

These vegetables are either stuffed or mixed in the flour, these are then called parathas. We have many kinds of paratha like #Aloo Paratha, #Mooli Ke Parathe, #Panner Bottle Gourd and Mint Paratha,#Raw Banana Paratha, #Soya Bean Methi Paratha,  are a few that I have made. There is still many many more that I have not made.

One such paratha is Methi Paratha also known as Theplas in Gujarati Cuisine and are  intrinsic part of Guajarati meals. I feel the basic difference in Methi Paratha and Thepla is the use of curds in making the dough in a thepla.

I have copied the recipe from Tarla Dalal’s site.

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