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Til/Sesame Seeds Laddo ~ Sankranti Special

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I had as usual left buying the “Chikki” jaggery till the last minute and forgot all about it. So I decided to make the kind of laddo that my MIL/Mom made with out “Chikki” jaggery.  To get to the proportions I rang my SIL who was not too sure about the proportions but told me to take more til/Sesame seeds than the ground nuts. She had put every thing in the mixer and got lovely laddos  but  I used  two ways to get the job done one was the mixer and the second was my MIL’s old Khal and Batta.
1 cup til/Sesame seeds, roasted
¼ cup roasted & peeled groundnuts
¼ cup roasted dry coconut/chobra/khobri (optional)
1 cup jaggery, grated (you can take a little less than 1 cup)
Cardamom seeds/elichi peeled
Method 1: Using the Khal batta
1.       Take the til/sesame seeds, groundnuts and dry coconut and cardamom in the khal and pound it with the batta. you will see the seeds become into a powder a bit oily.
2.       Add the jaggery and continue pounding till the whole thing becomes a nice homogeneous mass.
3.       Make balls and nice soft “til/sesame seeds laddos are ready.
4.       The whole process of pounding took me about 15 minutes thanks to my MIL’s  Khal and Batta.
Method 2: Using the mixer:
1.       Make powders of the til/sesame seeds, ground nuts, dry coconut and cardamom.
2.       Next I transferred all the mixture to the Khal and Batta and added the jaggery and pounded the mixture till the whole thing becomes a nice homogeneous mass. you can add the jaggery and run the mixer  for the same job.
Make laddos in the usual way. Happy Sankranti to you!!



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