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Lapsi a Maharashtrian Delicacy

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“Lapsi” this is a very delicious porridge that is great breakfast dish for young and old alike. The pro in “Lapsi’s”   favour is that its light to digest and very filling and most importantly very healthy.

But making “Lapsi” is tedious process. You need to soak the wheat to make the “Lapsi” for 3 days. The water is to be
changed every day and on the third day the wheat is ground. The ground batter is strained and then the strained mixture is used to make “Lapsi”.
Tiring and backbreaking… and very difficult to manage with the help I had on a regular basis.
But   I was determined to feed Akanksha with “Lapsi”. I did this once! And realised it’s not possible for me to
do this on regular basis. That’s when my husband’s aunt told me an easier way.
I do not think that the taste is like what you make with the soaked wheat but the baby does not lose out on the health
So let us make “Lapsi” for this you will need


·       1 tblspn heaped rava
·       Water
·       ¼  tsp jeera powder
·       Salt to taste


·       In a small katori add little water, drain and then add enough water to soak the rava.
·       Cover and keep aside overnight.
·       In the morning drain the water and reserve it. Transfer the contents to the chutney jar and grind to a fine
paste using water if necessary. Measure.
·       In a thick bottomed or copper based vessel measure double the amount of water (use the reserved water also).
·       Add sufficient salt and jeera powder bring to boil.  Lower the flame.
·        Now add the ground paste in the boiling water stirring constantly.
·        The “lapsi” is done when it is smooth and is shiny

·       Cool and feed your baby.



For added flavour you can grind a spring of coriander.

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