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Trifle Pudding for BM #24

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For this BM #24 my theme is Kids Special
Desserts.  Next 3 days its desserts
galore here.
Now since I am not still comfortable tying
out a lot of details my post is short out of necessity. Do I hear a sigh of
relief don’t worry I will continue writing my long lengthy posts soon. (I wish
I knew how to make that smiley of a devil here)!
thing I have learnt and I will like to share with all of you. In case you find
a bag heavy please ask someone to help you. You are no more the she-woman you
once were!!
Let’s begin with the big hit that we had at
Akanksha’s birthday party it was a theme party themed around Harry Potter.
was supposed to conjure all the food that was needed.
of the desserts was pudding; actually I was to make treacle tart.  Tarts you all know are time consuming and
frankly I knew I will not be able to manage making food and tarts for about 30
people.  Once I could handle that not so
So I did some sweet talking and convinced
the elder daughter then second one, in that order, that Trifle pudding is
acceptable. (Of course I had to make a second dessert too but more about that
later). Right now let us check out Trifle Pudding.
  The beauty of this dish is that you can make
it the day prior to the party and top it with whipped cream on the day of the
party even as late as 1-2 hours before you need it.

( O these pics are mostly taken by my daughter I was too busy to think about pictures etc.)

½ kg cake, I brought plain
vanilla sponge
2 tins of fruit cocktail( I
forgot the weight but they were del Monte)
100 grms  jar of mixed fruit  jam(optional)
Whipped cream (please see notes
Some liqueur about 2 tblspn
(optional )
Cherries for decoration
A big Glass bowl
A medium bowl
A small bowl and about  ¼ cup water for melting the jam
 Sharp knife
 Beaters and bowl for whipping  cream
Ice in big bowl for whipping
Make slices of the cake, we
made some small and some slices. Layer them in the bowl. Reserve some slices
for the topmost layer. (This will depend basically on the size of your bowl and
the slices of the cake I had some 10-12 slices).
 If you are using the jam mix the jam and water
to make a thick slurry.  You will find it
easier if you heat it.
Drizzle it with a spoon along
the sides. As I was doing this just for colour I used very little along the
edges of the bowl.
Meanwhile drain all the liquids
from the fruit cocktail and mix the liquid with liqueur.
Sprinkle some 2 or 3 tblspn of
the liquid. Add the fruits from the fruit cocktail just enough to cover the

Repeat these steps till you are
about 2 inches away from the top of the bowl. 
(For the last layer finish all your fruits, reserve the liquid).
Lay the cake slices on the
fruits so that it covers all the fruits.

Sprinkle all the liquid from
the fruits use the jam slurry .

Now cover the bowl with cling
film and let it sit in the fridge till needed. (Mine resided in my neighbour’s
fridge and came home just 2 hours before the party.)

Just before the first guest
arrived I beat the whipped cream over a bowl of ice till I got firm peaks.
Spread the whipped cream on the
cake till the entire top.
Decorate with cherries. I
wished I had some jam slurry to draw a few lines but by then it was residing in
the b’day girl’s tummy so sorry.

Cover with the cling film and
put back in the fridge.
 Serve chilled to a lot of oooooooo! And ahhhhhh!
I cannot tell you the exact amount of
whipped cream I used. For I popped about 500 grms of the unwhipped cream and
whipped it.
My vessel which holds 2 litres of milk was
¾ full.
used the whipped cream on both the cake and pudding and there was enough left
for the girls to eat the whipped cream the next day and say this was the best dessert,
Garfield like( when Garfield has finished the pizza or lasagne by himself)!! 

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