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Jal Jeera ~Drinks That Cool Recipe

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Imagine this scene it’s Saturday, about 1.35pm and the Sun is very pleased that that finally he has caught you when you have forgotten your cap and sun coat at home in the morning.

He turns his on his devilish smile and grins just at you!!
 To add to it you are sweating (you cannot escape that in Goa). All the way the down from Office to home, a mere 5 kilometres turns into a nightmare, for I am allergic to the sun’s rays.
After I came home I hunted for my mum’s cookbook (now in tatters) but it’s by Aroona Reejhsinghani, something that I treasure as Amma had hardly any books or notes and it’s what Amma made.
The recipe being Drinks That Cool… Jal Jeera.
My intro to Jal Jeera was in Akola, a small town in Maharashtra where my father was posted.
Malviya Uncle had hosted a dinner and one of the drinks served there was Jal Jeera.
 I do not remember the other things I ate or drank but this one drink…
Needless to say at my request Amma made it, but just from the memory of the drink. She did not refer to this book. As I found this book later that year when we were packing up to go to Nagpur my Dad’s next posting…
100 grams tamarind
¼ tsp shah jeera (the original said ½ tsp)
¼ tsp jeera (this is my addition)
½ tsp black salt, ground
8-10 springs pudina/mint
¼ tsp red chilli powder
Salt to taste
1.    Soak the tamarind in 6 glasses of water. My glasses are said 25gram or 250 ml for ½ an hour.
2.    Extract the juice and stain.
3.    Fine grind the pudina with the other ingredients and mix with the tamarind water.
4.    Serve chilled on ice cubes.
The amount of jaggery and red chili powder will vary from person to person.It will also depend on how sour your tamarind is please adjust as per taste.
When you serve on ice cubes please remember that the cubes will contribute to water in the drink.

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