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    1. Ranch dressing is delicious in salads , even I first had it in US , but now it is available here too . Homemade version would any day be better than the store bought one .

    2. Ranch dressing is something I have been wanting to make it myself. Since some of the ingredients are not easy to come by, I haven't yet made...yours look so good Arch.

    3. Perfect ranch for salads.

    4. Homemade condiments are the best .. Love this ranch dressing..

    5. I need to make it at home sometime soon. looks so creamy and tasty.

    6. Thanks for sharing Archana. Infact, I wanted to make it as I prefer homemade dressings to store bought

    7. I personally LOVE ranch dressing 'cos it's creamy and delicious. My husband on the other hand absolutely hates it 'cos it has buttermilk in it 🙁 So I rarely make it at home. Will have to make it sometime when he's travelling 🙂 🙂

    8. Ranch dressing would go so well with salads and burgers, nice easy recipe.

    9. Am in love with this super creamy ranch dressing, have to make some soon, as we love this dressing very much.

    10. Classic dressing and a stellar recipe! Thanks for sharing!

    11. This is really a handy one. Looks so tasty.

    12. Ranch dressing is one of my favorite -- love how creamy and herby it is.

    13. I always love to make dressing home made.. bookmarking it..

    14. Creamy and delicious ranch. Love homemade stuff. Awesome

    15. Your version of ranch looks so creamy and delicious. Bookmarked.

    16. Heard about this but never attempted to make this at home though! Nice one Archana.

    17. A must have for salad lovers.

    18. Wow arch!!This home made version is tempting me to try this. Lovely

    19. Ranch dressing looks so creamy and delicious. Not only salad it will be perfect with burgers and sandwiches. I would also love to try it as a dip. Superb share.

      • Thank you.

    20. Hi Archana, I always see these readymade bottles here in the mall. But never bought it. Tastes this when was in UAE. Will try to get these ingredients to make,. Simple but tasty recipe. Thank you.

      • Thanks Nivedita.

    21. Your homemade ranch dressing looks delicious, beats the store-bought stuff. For a low-calorie version, I prefer to use greek yoghurt in place of mayo and sour cream 🙂

      • True but Greek yoghurt costs a bomb here so this is what I do.

        • Makes sense, even homemade hung curd would work 🙂

    22. Home made dressing tastes so much better than the store bought ones in my opinion. Love Ranch dressing. Fabulous share!

      • Thank you, Sandhya.

    23. I prefer homemade salad dressings. It’s very hard to find good and healthy dressings in stores. This looks delicious.

      • Thanks, Uma.

    24. Ranch dressing looks delicious and tempting, homemade stuffs are the best.

      • Thank you.

    25. Homemade fresh dressings are always best...What a lovely recipe..Far better than the store bought ones

      • Thank you, Drashti.

    26. I love homemade salad dressings and this sounds perfect and delicious !

      • Thanks, dear.

    27. Always wanted to try it at home. Although I am not sure if I would get half of the ingredients in India????

      • Lady, I Live in India. Use the dry herbs and go ahead.

    28. I do see bottles of Ranch Dressing over here, but definitely home made is going to be the best! Sounds very flavorful and would definitely make salad a more interesting meal...

      • Try it Rafeeda. Its yummy.

    29. Ranch dressing looks so delish !! Superb share ????????

      • Thanks, Sasmita.

    30. Ranch looks so creamy and bursting with all the amazing flavors.

      • Thanks, Sapana.

    31. wow your recipe has made the ranch home made now. such a doable recipe and a great hit amongst salad lovers.

      • Thanks, Sonal.

    32. This sounds so perfect for salads. Should check the availability of ingredients.

      • 😀

    33. I have never tried making ranch dressing at home. Need to try it soon. Bookmarking

      • Please share your pics and method too.

    34. Oh wow, keeper recipe. now we are at a phase of subway style sandwiches at home... so this will be handy.

      • I agree Seema was thinking of the subway sandwiches when I made it. Told the girls to get the bread they brought the subs so I made a salad with the dressing. No point in wasting a good sauce is there?

    35. Nothing beats the taste and flavour of homemade salad dressings. I absolutely adore anything homemade and this just looks perfect with a nice creamy texture apt to coat a big bowl of veggies or salad leaves. With the summers at its peak, a cool bowl of salad is just what the season demands. Loved the recipe.

      • The best part is it goes well as a dip and not to mention a sandwich sauce too. If there is any left that is.

    36. I want to try ranch myself at home..now I got the recipe... will try it

      • Thanks, Lathiya. Please share the pics and your twist.

    37. Ranch dressing my husband introduced to me when we stayed in US. and believe me, I love this dressing. Bookmarking yours will try soon. Thanks for sharing.

      • Welcome.

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