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Best Yogurt Parfait

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Yogurt Parfait is delicious as it is healthy.


Yogurt Parfait

Parfaits made this way are a healthy way to include healthy curds, nuts and fruits, granola all layered.Include this healthy alternative in your diet now. You need not wait till you are old and want to make a Simple and Healthy Vegetarian diet a way of life.

According to Wikipedia Parfait (/pɑːrˈfeɪ/; [paʁfɛ] from French means “perfect”  a kind of frozen dessert.

Parfait in French Cuisine refers to a frozen dessert, and ice cream made from a sugar syrup, egg, and cream. A parfait may contain alcohol and/or air which prevent the formation of ice crystals, result you have a dessert, a frozen dessert sans the whipping  frequently. Yes, make a Parfait at home.

Parfait means to different people around the world…

In the first place, if you hail from the United Kingdom then parfait means a very smooth meat paste or pâté, made from liver flavoured with liqueurs.

In the United States, parfait may be the traditional French-style dessert or to the American yoghurt parfait.

You can eat Knickerbocker Glory or a sundae made by layering ice cream, jelly in a tall and clear glass. You are anyway adding so many calories so go ahead and add whipped cream. Ease your conscience add fresh fruit but canned fruit is okay. Now, now don’t forget to add liqueurs.

My Parfait is adapted from here.

As getting Greek Yoghurt is next to impossible I had to substitute.

I used Misti Dhoi to make my parfait and it was way too sweet.

Next time in addition to misti dhoi I will add some hung curds. But since this Dhoi was thick and flavoured I did not use any flavourings.

The fruits  I  have used are kiwi, peach and pomegranate. Feel free to use other fruits like apples, mangoes, watermelon, cantaloupe. Just thinking of these fruits makes me wish for one of these glasses.

The reason I am mentioning it is I do not like yoghurt/curds and sugar mixed together.

Best Yoghurt Parfait

Yoghurt Parfaits are a healthy way to include healthy yoghurt, nuts and fruits, granola all layered.

  • Preparation time: 5 minutes
  • Cook time: 0 minutes
  • Total Time: 5 minutes
  • Serves: 2


  • 1 cup Misti dhoi, chilled
  • Assorted fruits (I used peaches, kiwi and pomegranates)
  • Cornflakes (I used brownie flavour)


  • With the back of a spoon whisk, the dhoi set back in the fridge.
  • Assemble just as you are ready to serve.
  • Add a few fruits in the glass.
  • Spoon the dhoi. (If I were you I will spoon sparingly)
  • Repeat the layers once again and top off with the cornflakes.
  • Like I said earlier serve immediately.


  • Next time in addition to misti dhoi I will add some hung curds.

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