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Agar-Agar Chocolate Pudding

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I cannot resist the packets of agar-agar gracing the shelves in the supermarket.  After a long debate, I have with
myself they end up in my shopping bag.
 Now you may wonder what magical pull does this weed have on me. Basically after making the eggless quiche
I know it can be used as a filling in savoury bases too.
Now at home, I keep postponing making something out of them so they grace my kitchen shelf for some time.
The other day I finally bit the bullet and made this beautiful pudding. Something my younger daughter
appreciated so much that she had to be reminded that it needs to be shared with others.
You can try it out here is the recipe I have basically followed  the Egg-less Crème Burlee I made which is
copied from Tarla Dalal.



·  10 grms agar agar
·  1 ½ cups water
·  3 cups milk
·  2-3 tblsp corn flour
·  2/3 cups of sugar
·  1 tsp vanilla essence
·  150 grams dark chocolate
·  200 ml cream
·  Mix the cornflour and ½ cup milk to a smooth paste.
·  Tear the agar-agar in small pieces and add it to the water. Let it soak.
·  Add the sugar in the milk along with the chocolate pieces.
·  Heat on low flame till the chocolate melts.
·  Add the cornflour mixture and keep stirring till the milk thickens a bit. Remove from heat.
· Now heat on a low flame the agar-agar and water till the agar-agar melts, take care to stir constantly.
·  Now add this to the custard add the cream as well and return to the low flame and keep stirring till the custard
starts bubbling at the sides.
·  Cook till the custard coats the back of a spoon.
·  Transfer to a container.
·  Cool and then transfer to the fridge.
·  Serve chilled.
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