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Moong Daal And Black Pepper Sev

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For July Magic Mingle Kalyani asked us to use yellow Moong daal and pepper common enough to be available in the kitchen but there was a dearth of ideas that I had.
Unfortunately, Moong daal equals to khichidi in my mind.  First, it used to be Moong Daal Kheer that Amma used to make but now Moong daal is just khichdi.
Naturally it insulted me as I could not think beyond khichidi. Arre I am food blogger I cannot be thinking in a box for heaven’s sake!!
 Asking hubby dear will get garlic in play, which I wanted to avoid, for he will tell me to make daal fry. I make it so often that the girls have sworn off it.  And frankly, I wanted something different. My different taste is still not satisfied hopefully the lightning will strike me and I will make something different. But for now…
As I do not deep fry often I decided to make something deep fried Also the rains here make you wish you can eat something fried.  So what were my options other than sev or chakli there is this delicious moong wade that my MIL used to make but I cannot remember how!  So Sev it was!!
 For it revoked memories, of Diwali at home with Amma, when my sis Chetana and I helped Amma to fry chakli and sev. The two of them made the chakli on plastic and I used to fry. What fun it used to be, Chai and garam garam chakli with hot gossip and chasing my brother out of the kitchen as he got in the way!!
This time around I made the sev all by myself. Called my sis but did not mention the memories to her as she might get upset!! Miss the times a lot!!
To make the sev I used


1 cup moong daal, washed and soaked in enough water
40 pepper corns
2 cups (approx for I did not measure, I am sorry) rice flour
½ tsp haldi powder
1 tblsp Red chilli powder
½ tsp ajwain
1 tblsp unsalted butter
Oil for deep frying


1.    Grind the moong daal with the pepper in the mixer jar till smooth. Use about 1 tblsp of the water in which the moong was soaked if needed. Transfer to a big bowl or plate. I prefer the bowl.
2.    Keep the oil to heat. While the oil heats to smoking point add all the ingredients in the bowl. Make a hole in the centre of the dry flour.
3.     When oil is hot add a ladle full of the hot oil in the dry flour. The flour should bubble. Quickly cover the oil with some of the dry flour. Use the ladle to mix a bit. Please remember the oil is very hot so use the spoon to avoid painful burns.
4.    Mix all the ingredients to get soft dough. If needed add some more of the rice flour.
5.    Make a long cylindrical roll of the dough and feed it in the press in which the sev attachment is inserted. I used the thick sev die.
6.    On a plastic sheet make a spiral of the sev with the press and transfer it in the oil. This is what I did traditionally. But Kirthi of Kirthi’s Kitchen made it on the back of the slotted spoon and inserted it in the hot oil. This seemed easier so this is what I did.
7.    Fry them in hot oil till you get a nice golden colour. Please do not wait till they become brownish they become hard.
Sending this to Magic Mingle Moong Daal and Black Pepper
And WTML hosted by Kalyani started by Gayatri



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