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Kokum Sherbet– Binna Sherbet

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Thanks to my friend Shanta, for sharing this recipe with me I made this Kokum sherbet from the scratch. I mean from the Kokum fruit known as Binna botanically know as Garcinia indica .

This is how the fruit looks like.

I had 6 Binnas and I used half a kilo of sugar.
Here is what you do
1.  Wash and cut the fruit in to quarters after you discard the sepals on the fruit.(I forgot to click the pictures).
2. Soak them in enough water to soak the seeds and the skin of the fruit overnight.

3.Separate the skin and the seed.
4. Leave the seeds on a strainer to drain out but grind the skin with a little of the soaked water.The water from the soaked seeds can also be mixed with your sherbet.
5.Strain through a thin cotton cloth squeezing out all the liquid out of the ground skin.
6.Add a little sugar and mix thoroughly.  Repeat till the sugar stops dissolving.
Store in the fridge.
Enjoy diluted with water or soda. Hmmm ice! Wow!


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