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Til/Sesame Seeds Chikki` Sankranti Special

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Chikki is something we like to eat a lot. Many times my husband and I eat Chikki as our dessert but I had never tried making it myself.
I had all the ingredients Chikki jaggery, til/sesame seeds the recipe and I made chikki .
150 grms Jaggery (Chikki),cut in small pieces
150 grms Til/sesame seeds
1 tblspn ghee
1 tblspn sugar
1.       Keep ready a well greased rolling pin, a small bowl of water and your kitchen platform cleaned.
2.       In a kadhai add the ghee and add the jaggery. Stir a bit.
3.       The jaggery will immediately melt when it melts put a drop of the melted jaggery in the bowl of water. Now fish it out and press it between your fingers. When it forms a hard ball you jaggery is ready.
4.       Put off the gas and add the til/sesame seeds and sugar. Stir quickly as the mass solidifies immediately.
5.       Transfer to the platform and roll with the rolling pin.
6.       I have cut the chikki too soon hence the pieces are not very even let it cool slightly and cut the pieces.



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