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Sweet Potato Sweet Chips

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Happy Holi and Happy Women’s Day to all of you!!

Sweet potato is very versatile. Try making this sweet or this sweet potato chaat.
Sweets are something that I worship!!
When I told this to a friend who also happens to be a doctor he said no you are satiated a bit later than others!!
 Whatever I love sweets! Period!
 And I want to eat them come what may.
Okay so here is my recipe for the day. This was what Amma made quite often and can be made in a jiffy.
4 baby sweet potatoes, washed
2 tsp ghee (I used homemade)
1/4 cup sugar
2 green cardamoms, powdered
1.    Slice the sweet potatoes thin, store under water to prevent browning.
2.    Heat the ghee in a thick bottomed kadhai/wok.
3.    Add the sweet potato slices, mix and cook covered.
4.    When the slices are cooked (about 4-5 minutes) add the sugar.
5.    Mix and let the sugar melt and bubble. Do not stir at this point.
6.    When the sugar has all formed thick syrup your job is done.
7.    Stir in the green cardamom.
8.    Tastes best hot or cold.
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