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27 April, 2017

Mango Recipes we Love

Mango  Recipes we Love
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A compilation some of the preparations from Mango both raw or green and ripe! Mangoes the king of fruit that is much awaited all over the world! It is the juiciest, “bestest” fruit in the world! Unfortunately, the king of fruits who rules over India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Philippines rules the fruit market in the from March to May! 
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17 May, 2014

Orange Mist, a Mocktail

Orange Mist, a Mocktail
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Orange Mist is a delicious drink that is you can drink in gallons! 😀 When Valli announced mocktails it was kismet. It was hot and we were having a lot of liquids. I had not thought of clicking pictures or noting down what we mixed. Most of what we mixed we went on adjusting to suit individual tastes. 
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11 May, 2014

Ambe che Sasav/ Mango Sasav ~A traditional Goan Dish

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Ambe che Sasav/ Mango Sasav The market is flooded with mangoes this season. The aroma of the mangoes is so delicious that I wonder why I plan on making a vegetable, dal, chapattis, rice etc. Can we just not eat mangoes?  Though my younger daughter will worship me for suggesting this, my older one will happily ask me for
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10 June, 2011

Goan Style Mango Jam without Preservatives

Goan Style Mango Jam without Preservatives
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Towards the end of the mango season and in the rains we in Goa make a delicious mango jam, every season. The names of this golden yellow jam made from mango pulp are many like Mangad/Manggad, Ambya cho Saat/ halwo. The best part is no preservatives or thickeners are used. Varieties of mangoes that are
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