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9 September, 2015

Potlakaya Koora or Snake Gourd Vegetable

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Let’s go the Andhra way today. For our BM#50 meet, I reached one day in advance with Viashali. Padma was waiting for us with this delicious Andhra Thali! Needless to say, I went crazy with the food that she had dished up. I wanted to make it. So I kept searching Padma’s blog for the
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7 July, 2014

Dhania Puri and Spicy Potato Vegetable ~ Baby Shower for Sapana

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Life is meant to be cherished, embraced and enjoyed!   Who demonstrates the philosophy better than a baby? Who can resist the wobbly bundle of joy that makes all the household dance? In fact you are happy that you are dancing to the small bundles tunes. Who cries and cries but coos and smiles the
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7 June, 2014

Neerphanas aa chi Bhaji/ Green or Raw Breadfruit Vegetable

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We were on out whatsup talking about Breadfruit. Some of my friends wanted to know the difference between a breadfruit and jackfruit. Breadfruit looks like this. Bread Fruit Courtesy:Google  Somewhat different form a jackfruit isn’t it? A jackfruit looks like this. Jack Fruit Courtesy :http://raingold.com.my/site/jackfruit  But unlike a jackfruit a breadfruit is used raw at
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21 April, 2014

Kadugu Cauliflower~Union Territory Pondicherry

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Kadugu  Cauliflower~Union Territory Pondicherry The union territory of Pondicherry cuisine is also a reflection of a perfect blend of different cultures and customs. Do you know they have 4 official languages Tamil, Telgu, Malayalam and French! Wow I was thinking that only Goa has two official languages!! The union territory of Pondicherry in the country of
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18 April, 2014

Panch Phoran Tarkari and Hamarcha Rawt~ Indian State Mizoram

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Panch Phoran Tarkari ~Indian State Mizoram   Panch Phoran Tarkari and Hamarcha Rawt is m choice for  Indian State Mizoram! Today on Day 19 we are at  Mizoram. Mizoram is a beautiful state situated in the North-eastern part of India. Blessed with mesmerizing hills, pleasant valleys, swirling rivers and placid lakes Mizoram has a distinct food culture, some north-eastern, Chinese
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16 April, 2013

Palak Paneer,Peas Palak or Corn Palak

Palak Paneer,Peas Palak or Corn Palak
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Palak Paneer, Peas Palak or Corn Palak is a delicious Nort Indian vegetable that is much appreciated in my place. Come winter and the fields around us in Panaji, yes there are fields in Panaji, start getting a lot of activity. After the water collected during rains is drained the growth is cleared there are beautiful vegetables
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26 January, 2013

Boiled Cauliflower for BM #24

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First let me wish you all A Very Happy Republic Day!! For the Blogging Marathon #24 I am blogging Weaning foods. The first weaning food that Akanksha was fed was boiled cauliflower!   I know this is quite unconventional. In fact I had the ire of lot of my Elders’ in the family they had wanted the traditional payasam to
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