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14 April, 2019

Porso Millet Venn Pongal| Porso Millet Pongal

Porso Millet Venn Pongal| Porso Millet Pongal
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Venn Pongal is a popular breakfast item in Southern India, generally made from Moong Dal and rice it is a filling and healthy meal. I have substituted rice with Porso Millets.

21 September, 2015

Idiyappam or Nooputt or Noolputtu or String Hoppers or Shirvoliyo

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We at #Blogging Marathon try to bring to you a variety, a variety in our various marathons. This one is no different, aptly called “#Buffet on Table “ this week our quest is to bring you different breakfast across the world. You may be aware that when we were researching the different world combos I was surprised when I
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24 May, 2014

Vendakai Melugu Peretti or Spicy Fried Okra

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Vendakai Melugu Peretti or Spicy Fried Okra In my search for the Blogging Marathon recipes I think all my bookmarks had reached an all time low and I was very happy. Finally had some clearance. One discovery during this search was Vendakai Melugu Peretti or Spicy Fried Okra from the book “The Taj Magzine.” Needless to
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