Ice cream made without  ice cream  machine

 Use your pantry ingredients to make custard ice cream

The star Ingredients  

* Corn flour/Corn Starch

* Nuts

Make a smooth slurry of cornflour and milk 

Add the   corn flour slurry to the simmering milk.

Add sugar to the thickened Custard

Add essence of your choice. I have vanilla you can add strawberry, chocolate, orange!

Cool the custard 

Chill the custard in the freezer  

Beat the whipping cream to stiff peaks then add the chilled custard and beat again till smooth.

Freeze the custard and whipped cream mixture 

Beat the frozen mixture till smooth 

Title 3

 Add the nuts and beat again

Transfer to an ice cream box and decorate.. Freeze the mix.

Serve when frozen! Enjoy your scoop!