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7 November, 2015

Lulu Miris

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In Sri Lanka you will be served with your mean a delicious and fiery sweet and sour condiment called Lulu Miris. I discovered it during my recent mega marathon #Buffet on Table. Actually like I have said I did not know what a delicious condiment this is. It has found a new fan in the form
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26 November, 2014

Spiced Lime Pickle/Lemon Pickle without Oil

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Spiced Lime I have my Mom’s cookbook, rather the cookbook that my Father had presented my Mom. It was his way of telling her that he liked food to be cooked in different ways not just the regular Karnataka Style.  The cookbook had a cover when I flicked it, yes my sister does not know
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25 November, 2014

Preserved lemons or l’hamd Marakad

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Preserved lemons or l’hamd Marakad   Recently we have done a Mega Marathon on International Cuisine for the alphabet M I was seriously considering doing Morocco and these delicious lemons called preserved lemons what is called l’hamd marakad. However, this is also called preserved lemon or lemon pickle is a condiment that is common in Indian and North African cuisine. It is also
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18 May, 2014

Cranberry Sangria~A mocktail

Cranberry Sangria~A mocktail
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Cranberry Sangria Just when I was wondering if I should take up one more blogging marathon (I had out of curiosity seen the themes) as I know May is the month were things go totally out of hand. Thanks to holidays and visitors. I saw this delicious Cranberry Sangria on 365 days of cooking! I loved it so
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27 December, 2011

Cup Cakes~A Blog Hop

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Blog hop this time Radhika has paired me with Priya of Now Serving! If you know not Priya then you are missing deliciously simple recipes conceived out of a Mother’s love to nourish. Do visit her.  She is a multifaceted personality always helping others. She was one of the many who guided me when I
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27 October, 2011

Palak Salad 2

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I was to post a soup recipe today but there is a small hitch I have not made it as yet. I cannot decide if I want to make Lung Fung Soup or Hot and Sour as I want a Chinese soup. Given a choice Hubby will say Sweet Corn, Elder one something exotic which
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