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14 April, 2015

Focaccia Caprese

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Focaccia Caprese For WE KNEAD TO BAKE we had baked Focaccia Caprese. The focaccia was amazingly delicious and welcome. The wallpaper on my laptop is this focaccia and I dare not change it. With my site crash I lost a delicious and much in demand focaccia.   So I decided that this April some of the
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13 April, 2015

Focaccia Pugliese or Potato Focaccia Pugliese

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Focaccia Pugliese or Potato Focaccia Pugliese Focaccia is appreciated at home so I decided to “Fire my Oven this April” make another one. This time I choose Focaccia Pugliese or rather Potato Focaccia Pugliese.  This did not look appetising and so I was worried if the girls will eat it. Needless to say I worry
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11 February, 2015

Pasta Salad

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Pasta Salad   Making a salad is a simple job but lazy me. I hardly make salads. Salads are appreciated at my place so I should make them. For the noisiest birthday, yes it’s my younger ones birthday I am talking about, noisy because she keeps on going on and on that it’s her birthday and she
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5 January, 2015

Pesto Rosso for Pasta

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Pesto Rosso for Pasta The month of December dawns with a lot of noise in my house.  Why?  Because the younger one celebrates her birthday and she starts goading me in action from the 15th November. So generally even with my haphazard planning we have something organised for the great day.  It’s hard to believe
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3 January, 2015

Marinara Sauce for Pasta

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Marinara Sauce for Pasta According to Wikipedia, “Marinara  sauce(English: mariner’s) is an Italian tomato sauce that originated in Naples, usually made with tomatoes, garlic, herbs, and onions. Its many variations can include the addition of capers, olives and spices. It is occasionally sweetened with a dash of red wine. Marinara Sauce is used to make pasta generally. This sauce is also widely used in Italian-American cuisine,
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9 February, 2011

Spaghetti and Vegetable Balls

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Spaghetti   My daughters picked up a packet of spaghetti the other day from the local supermarket and have been pestering me to make spaghetti and meatballs, mock meat of course!   Where on earth, or should I say in Panaji, will I find mock meat?   So I Googled for recipes for Spaghetti and
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