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25 February, 2017

Brazilian Chocolate Brigadeiros

Brazilian Chocolate Brigadeiros
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A Brigadeiro is a soft chocolate made with condensed milk and cocoa. Simple everyday ingredients but tricky to make! My daughter tagged me on FB with this delicious video of Brazilian Chocolate Brigadeiros I watched it to the end. She does not like sweets but chocolate is not sweets is it? In the Brazilian culture brigadeiro,
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11 February, 2017

Egg-less Chocolate Sticky Date and Cashew Nut Cake

Egg-less Chocolate Sticky Date and Cashew Nut Cake
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This Chocolate Sticky Date Cashew Nut Cakes was just what it promises to be Chocolaty, sticky with dates and cashew nuts. The only complaint from hubby was why no walnuts.  Point taken… This BM we had ingredient share and I want to show off as my partner, Amara has praised my baking. What she sent
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24 September, 2014

Rice Holubtsi- Ukrainian Cabbage Roll Recipe

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Rice Holubtsi- Ukrainian Cabbage Roll Recipe   Ukrainian food (and the cuisine of neighbouring countries) tends to be rich, heavy on the meat, butter and starches, and   vegetables are hardly used.  This makes some sense when you consider the cold climate and the very short growing season.  Most veggies had to be preserved via canning or pickling, and wheat and potatoes were
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15 September, 2014

Mexican Rice

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Mexican Rice I hope you have enjoyed your trip around the world with us! Wondering what I am talking about? Okay we at blogging marathon are off” Around the World in 30 Days”! Foodies’ hai bhai kya? Food par he bolenge!  So let’s stop today at M-Mexico! Why it’s like Indian food! My daughters refuse to
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5 September, 2014

Lihapulla /Meatballs (sans the meat )Finnish way

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Lihapulla /Meatballs are  very common food in Finland.   For alphabet F I choose Finland!! Somehow it’s always fascinated me. Why because Santa lives here officially, yes really I am not kidding check it here. The land of midnight sun, northern lights, and saunas. I wish can live there… I knew almost immediately I was
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2 September, 2014

Poutine/ Fries and Gravy from Canada

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Poutine Welcome to day 3 on The Blogging Marathon “Around the World in 30 Days”! Let’s stop at alphabet C today… Actually I had planned a different Country beginning with C, cooked it too but then Canada kept popping in my head continuously! My fascination was because I heard my teacher talk about the country
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9 August, 2014

Chocolate and Nut Fudge

Chocolate and Nut Fudge
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Chocolate and Nut Fudge Chocolate and nuts and condensed milk this is an amazing combination. My younger one who does not want milk because she claims Mamma adds nuts in them( grinds and adds nuts mind you , as if I have the time to do that)  went gaga over this slices. These are night pics again the
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4 August, 2014

Berry Short Cakes

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Berry Short Cakes Berry shortcakes was a Baking partners challenge. The July month challenge (I know I am late) was suggested by Reeni of Cinnamon nice and everything nice.  This eggless recipe is a simple one and you can use any berries of your choice.   I agree that there is no better way to showcase
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