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9 October, 2018

Maneesh – Middle Eastern flatbread

Maneesh – Middle Eastern flatbread
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Maneesh  is a Middle Eastern flatbread perfect to eat hummus or tzatziki even lalabneh. You can eat gravies too with Maneesh! Nothing like a piece of bread to soak the gravy up! The best part about is that Maneesh is an easy bread to make. For me this is the best part of making bread.
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13 March, 2018

Freshly Baked Methi Crackers| Baked Methi Mathri #Bread Bakers

Freshly Baked  Methi Crackers| Baked Methi Mathri #Bread Bakers
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Fresh Methi Crackers Baked ( Baked Methi Mathri) is a healthier baked version of the Indian savoury cracker Methi Mathri. A Mathri is a deep-fried snack that is made from refined flour. However, here I have used whole wheat flour and chickpea flour and baked the mathri. The addition of fenugreek or methi leaves increases
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13 February, 2018

Syrniki Recipe | Syrnyky Recipe| Cheesy Pancakes Recipe #BreadBakers

Syrniki Recipe | Syrnyky Recipe| Cheesy Pancakes Recipe #BreadBakers
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 Syrniki is deliciously fried quark pancakes served warm with garnishing. The garnishes can vary from sour cream,  jam, honey or applesauce. For #BreadBakers, we are making pancakes this month. Thanks to Sue I tried these Syrniki pancakes that my daughter wanted me to make. In Ukrainian, Belarusian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Serbian cuisine Syrniki or Syrnyky as
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