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Roundup of MLLA #123

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December 2018 was a hectic month I had MLLA #123 then my father was unwell and if that was not enough I signed up for Bake-a-Ton.



Since I was not prepared most of my time was spent on hunting for my old pictures and writing posts and since I tend to become focused on a single thing I forgot everything else. Terribly sorry Lisa, hope to do better next time.

Anyway here are the most delicious posts I got for MLLA # 123!  Commenting on Blogger has become an issue I cannot save it. Hopefully will get around it soon.

Chickpea Brownies, Aquafaba recipe, vegan

Chickpea Brownies using Aquafaba

This is the edition #123 of the event it was started by Susan of The well seasoned Cook in 2008 and has been hosted by Lisa of Lisa’s kitchen since February 2013. Thanks, Lisa and Susan for letting me host it this month.

Do join us in the next edition of MLLA at TheVegHog.

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