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How to get Corn Kernels

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When I asked my husband to buy corn he brought the cob. I was expecting him to but the separated corn kernels. Complaining was of no use as I would have been told “you did not say you wanted kernels”. But I did not say I wanted the cobs but that’s beside  the point…

So it added one more step to what I wanted to make, getting the corn off the cob.  Now that is easy but time consuming. Here is what I do.

The first thing I do is boil the corn.

Take the corn with all the leaves and the silk and make 2 pieces out of it( You can make more but I make two as I feel the job of removing the corn gets easier) put it in the pressure cooker and with 2 cups of water  and cook for 3 whistles.

Let the steam come down naturally. Remove the corn from the cooker and peel the leaves.  This way all the silk comes out and you have clean corn. I find this an easier and hassle free way to get rid of the silk at least it does not adorn the most unexpected places.

Wipe the corn with a clean kitchen towel. Insert a sharp knife between the rows of the corn and jiggle the knife till the corn shakes a bit.


Now place the knife in the on the other side of the jiggled corn. Jiggle jiggle again and watch the kernels fall in the bowl that you have kept below to collect the corn kernels. The next row is easy as the corn is jiggled and it falls easily.


I have tried my hand at a pictorial hope that makes it clear.

So jiggle the corn free. Come back on the 17th of Dec to see what I do with the corn.

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