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Schezwan Sauce

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There is a simpler way in which I make #Schezwan Sauce. Actually, the simplest will be opening a bottle of Schezwan Chutney, but this is  yummier! But today I want share a delicious one that I had bookmarked from Pavani’s place. Needless to say it was appreciated. So much that the little that was left over
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Vegetable Balls in Schezwan Sauce| Vegetarian Schezwan

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Now  that we have our  # Vegetarian Fried Rice ready wondering what to pair it with? You can try pairing it with Chilli Mushrooms or Manchurian but I will prefer to team it up with something spicier. So we had our fried rice with #Vegetable Balls in Schezwan Sauce. Actually, you can make the sauce
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Schezwan Noodle Dosa

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Schezwan Noodle Dosa From the day the doctor has suggested more protein I have been going overdrive in trying to add more protein in our diets. The one way I know is to give them food in the garb of junk food they worship. They hate dosa the ultimate breakfast food for my household and love noodles which
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