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Black Forest Cake in a Glass

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#Black Forest in a Glass

#Black Forest in a Glass

My elder one loves black forest cake.

The younger one just claims that she does not like it, but anything that has chocolate it just disappears. So I have no worries on that part.

The only problem is the younger one is a typical teenager, always hungry for junk food. She is at home the longest all by herself, my Father-in-Law is there but he does not know what she is up to… so she is alone the longest.  The snack like this just has to be hidden or she has to be warned I have not taken pictures.

She generally leaves it alone till now, touch wood… so this time I told her the usual pictures not taken and she has to have an equal share with Didi!! I think there was still an uneven sharing. But since they did not come to tell us I have left it at that.

Anyway there is no recipe but just filling of glasses with cake, chocolate of course and well beaten cream. The recipe is just a rough guide. You can add or reduce the ingredients to suit the availability of ingredients, taste.

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