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15 August, 2014

Baharat ~ A Spice Powder from Middle East

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Let’s make Baharat a spice mix, we Indians never seem to get enough of  spice mixtures ;). According to Wikipedia,  “Bahārāt   is a spice mixture or blend used in Arab cuisine, especially in the Mashriq area, as well as in Turkish and Iranian cuisine. Bahārāt is the Arabic word for ‘spices’ (the plural form of bahār’spice’). The mixture of finely ground spices is often used to season lamb, fish, chicken, beef, and soups and
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9 August, 2014

Chocolate and Nut Fudge

Chocolate and Nut Fudge
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Chocolate and Nut Fudge Chocolate and nuts and condensed milk this is an amazing combination. My younger one who does not want milk because she claims Mamma adds nuts in them( grinds and adds nuts mind you , as if I have the time to do that)  went gaga over this slices. These are night pics again the
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7 August, 2014

Gibassier(A French Anise & Orange Flavoured Loaf)

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Gibassier This month we at We Knead to Bake are baking a French breakfast pastry/ bread called Gibassier (pronounced zee-bah-see-ay) from the Provence region. The Gibassier is also the name for large cookie from Lourmarin in particular that’s about a foot long, is made with olive oil and oval shaped like a leaf. So what
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4 August, 2014

Berry Short Cakes

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Berry Short Cakes Berry shortcakes was a Baking partners challenge. The July month challenge (I know I am late) was suggested by Reeni of Cinnamon nice and everything nice.  This eggless recipe is a simple one and you can use any berries of your choice.   I agree that there is no better way to showcase
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19 July, 2014

Gor Keri a Raw/Green Mango Pickle

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Last week I shared the pickle masala from the book Marwari Vegetarian Cooking by Sanjeev Kapoor. Try this pickle and enjoy the praises that come your way.My friends have been corrected by my friends that Gor Keri is a Gujarati dish so I am changing my category from Rajasthani to Gujrati. Thanks Vaishali and Preeti!! Gor Keri a
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11 July, 2014

Rajasthani Pickle Masala

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For the Blogging Marathon Indian States I had picked up a book form the library called Marwari Vegetarian cooking! Need I say more? This was an awesome pickle masala I made and sorry I have no pics of the masala (I will upload the pictures soon as I make the masala again) till then enjoy the flavours here. Rajasthani Pickle Masala
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9 July, 2014

Mallige Idlis/ Jasmine Idlis

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  When I was researching idlis the other day (I know that sounds strange but I can be that many times) on Wikipedia, for the first time I read about Mallige Idlis! Now in case you do not know Kannada then Mallige is jasmine and this is what I had in mind. Courtesy Google Flower in idlis?
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