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13 May, 2017

6 Much Loved Biryanis

6 Much Loved Biryanis
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A Biryani is also known as biriyani or biriani.  The best biriyani cooks are Muslims of the Indian subcontinent and why not the different varieties of Biryani were developed in the Muslim centres of India. When I was researching for paella and Biryani the theme at   Wikipedia (I start there and end there.) I have discovered many more varieties that will find
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17 June, 2016

Zatpat Vegetarin Pulao with Minimum Vegetables

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This was one of the toughest themes for me. For one, all the recipes I wanted to make need you to eat them immediately and the girls are holidaying. So it has to be something that can be eaten cold if at all  they eat and finish.  This was a mish-mash recipe I came up
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4 September, 2015

Vegetarian Fried Rice

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  #Vegetarian Fried Rice !! Fried Rice is the delight that is enjoyed by all! As I am yet to meet someone who does not like Fried Rice. Making Fried Rice is actually simple where rice is steamed,  but stir fried with vegetables, meats and eggs. Generally at home its leftover rice and leftover veggies too.
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10 January, 2015

Myth Buster Dum Mushroom Biryani/Dum Almi Biryani

Myth Buster  Dum Mushroom Biryani/Dum Almi Biryani
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Mushroom Biryani   This is a myth buster  Mushroom Biryani! This delicious biryani does not use coriander. If you think that it is failing on taste then you are wrong. It’s yum, yum, yum. My mythsbuster Biryani! There There are two myths bust here!  One is that you need basmati rice to make Biryani and second you need
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31 March, 2014

Hydrababi Dum Biryani ~Indian State Andhra Pradesh

Hydrababi Dum Biryani ~Indian State Andhra Pradesh
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Vegetable Dum Biryani ~Andhra Pradesh Vegetable Dum Biryani! The flavours to die for!Just the aroma when you break the seal of the dum!I can go on and on. So this is the first in the series of Blogging Indian States where we are blogging non-stop on the Indian States. So let us begin with the first
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