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30 July, 2017

Tameta Methi Muthia nu Shaak

Tameta Methi Muthia nu Shaak
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Tameta Methi Muthia nu Shaak is a traditional dish made in Gujarat. Literality means muthias in tomato gravy.Here I have used methi muthia to make my gravy. When I made methi muthia I wanted to try making the gravy to go with fulkas. The blend of the spices and the tangy tomato gravy is amazingly delicious.
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11 October, 2014

Navratan Kurma

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Navratan Kurma The list of ingredients is long but you can add or leave out some veggies. This yummy vegetable is enjoyed by young and old. Serve it with rotis, naan or even pao!! This is my today’s post under Kid’s anniversary special for blogging marathon. Navratan Kurma Ingredients: 100 grms carrots 100 grms peas
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7 July, 2014

Pakke Pakke Tamatar/ Ripe Stuffed Cherry Tomato

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In the book Vegetarian Fare at Taj there are delicious pictures some of them are doable at home some need a lot of thought process for substitutes but the pictures are wow so very delicious!  One such a dish is Kacche Pakke Tamatar! The others that I have already attempted are VendakaiMelugu Peretti, Waal/Long Beans
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24 May, 2014

Vendakai Melugu Peretti or Spicy Fried Okra

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Vendakai Melugu Peretti or Spicy Fried Okra In my search for the Blogging Marathon recipes I think all my bookmarks had reached an all time low and I was very happy. Finally had some clearance. One discovery during this search was Vendakai Melugu Peretti or Spicy Fried Okra from the book “The Taj Magzine.” Needless to
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13 April, 2014

Vegetable Stew~Indian State Kerala

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Vegetable Stew~Indian State Kerala Today on day 14 we are at  Kerala  so let us explore cuisine from here. The cuisine of Kerala is rich due to its history, geography, demography and culture of the land. Kerala cuisine has a multitude of both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes prepared using fish, poultry and red meat. Kerala Gods own country evokes thoughts of food and coconut. According to
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2 April, 2014

Labra~ Indian State Assam

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Labra  Assamese Cuisine   Today on day 3 of  the Blogging Marathon let’s stop at Assam! Think Assam and think Assam tea!! The delicious brew that wakes me up and gets me going! So is Assam all about tea only?  No Assam (Asom, Axom) is a state of India in the north-eastern region. Its capital is Dispur, located within the municipal
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31 March, 2014

Hydrababi Dum Biryani ~Indian State Andhra Pradesh

Hydrababi Dum Biryani ~Indian State Andhra Pradesh
Posted in : Andhra Cuisine or Telegu Cusine, Blogging Marathon, Indian Cuisine, Meal, Rice, Rice the Versatile Cereal and Its Uses on by : admin
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Vegetable Dum Biryani ~Andhra Pradesh Vegetable Dum Biryani! The flavours to die for!Just the aroma when you break the seal of the dum!I can go on and on. So this is the first in the series of Blogging Indian States where we are blogging non-stop on the Indian States. So let us begin with the first
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28 September, 2013

X for Xec Xec with Mushrooms

Posted in : Accompaniments, Blogging Marathon, Cloves, Coconut, Coriander Seeds/Dhania, Garlic, Ginger, Goan, Green chilli, haldi, Kanda/Ullagaddi/Onion, Mushrooms, Oils, Pepper, Red Chillies, Tamarind on by : ArchanaPotdar
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 In my mind X was Xauti or X’mas Cake full stop. But when I was discussing with my girls what I should be making for the alphabet themed BM there was only one voice that said Xec Xec!! The only Xec Xec I know of is crab Xec Xec so the first thing that was
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11 June, 2013

Paneer Kofta

Posted in : Accompaniments, Blogging Marathon, Bread, Chili Powder, Coriander Seeds/Dhania, Corn, Corn Flour, Curds-Yogurt, Garlic, Ginger, Green chilli, Jeera/Cumin Seeds, Kanda/Ullagaddi/Onion, Paneer, Tomatoes on by : ArchanaPotdar
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I know I am contradicting what I said yesterday no frying but then I love koftas and I was dying to make these koftas. What better chance than now, when I want to do Punjabi cuisine for BM. This once no one complained that I was frying and that too frying paneer. Because basically they
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5 April, 2013

Vegetable Jalfrezi

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Many a times we order Vegetable Jalfrezi especially if we have a party. Somehow we all love the mixture of vegetable and the beautiful gravy that goes with it. The other day in a cleaning spree I found this recipe. I had copied this recipe ages ago when we were still in the stage where
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