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26 March, 2016

Quick Fix Indo-Chinese Vegetable

Posted in : Bachelor Recipes, Blogging Marathon, Cabbage, Capsicum, Carrots, Cauliflower, Corn Flour, Diabetics Friendly Foods, Healthy food, Indo-Chinese, Kid Friendly, Meal, Side Dish, Snack, Stir Fry, Stir-Fry or Dry Vegetables, Tiffin box ideas on by : ArchanaPotdar
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#Quick vegetables are a blessing to any homemaker. A quick stir fry tastes just as amazing as a snack and as a side dish. The story behind this veggie is quite simple we were to go out-of-station and I had a mixture of vegetable to finish, an eclectic mix that was absolutely mindboggling. Can you imagine
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3 March, 2016

Sautikai Kosambri/Kakdi chi Koshimber in Curds

Posted in : Accompaniments, Bachelor Recipes, Blogging Marathon, Chillies, Condiments, Coriander, Cucumber, Curds-Yogurt, Festive Cooking, Green chilli, Ground Nuts-Peanuts, Healthy food, Herbs, Indian Cuisine, Karnataka Cuisine, Kid Friendly, Lowfat, Maharashtrian Cuisine, Milk & Milk Products, Nuts, Salad, Side Dish, Snack on by : ArchanaPotdar
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This week after a long long break I am back in the blogging Marathon. The reasons why I did not blog range from house upkeep, ill health  to plain laziness. So in an effort to shake some energy into my blog I am making salads. Simple ones, mind you those that you can make from
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8 September, 2015

Safed Dhokla or Edada

Posted in : Accompaniments, Bachelor Recipes, Blogging Marathon, Gujarati Cusine, Healthy food, Simple and Healthy Vegetarian Diet in Old Age, Snack, Starter, Steamed on by : ArchanaPotdar
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Since Gujarati Thali and no dhokla is unacceptable to hubby I decided to try Safed Dhokla also known as Edada. Since hubby is happy with any kind of dhokla. The food blogger in me however refused to accept that I make these same dhokla as here or here. I toddled over to  Vaishali’s place. The rest
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2 September, 2015

Roti Jala

Posted in : Blogging Marathon, Breakfast, Eggs, International Flat Bread, Malaysian Cuisine, Milk, Milk & Milk Products, Snack on by : ArchanaPotdar
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For #Buffet on Table today I have Malaysia… sorry cuisine from Malaysia  delicious and yummy . See the cuisine is so delicious that I am gobbling up words. # Roti Jala or Net/Lacy Crepes are deliciously easy to make #Malaysian dish.  The name is derived from the Malay words roti (bread) and jala (net). A special ladle
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18 June, 2015

Moong Vada/ Fried Moong Vada

Posted in : Blogging Marathon, Daal or Lentils, Deep Frying, Moong Daal-Yellow Lentils, Snack on by : admin
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Moong Vada/ Fried Moong Vada While I am on my memories trip let me share with you what my MIL made many times these vadas and they were something she served with sauce. She also made some with rava but I just cannot remember them. After a long time, in fact one Hindi movie with Katrina Kaif and
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17 June, 2015

Masala Vada/ Chana Dal Vada/ Chattambade

Posted in : Blogging Marathon, Chana daal, Daal or Lentils, Deep Frying, Snack on by : admin
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Masala Vada/ Chana Dal Vada/ Chattambade Childhood memories are these hot vada and tea and rains! Added to Ajji or Grandmother admonishing us,” enough now! You will get a stomach-ache if you eat any more of these.”  Why she made them as snack when it rained I don’t know…  Else it used to be traditional meal served
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4 June, 2015

Nachos and Salsa

Posted in : Appetizer, Bachelor Recipes, Blogging Marathon, Mexican Cuisine, Snack, Starter on by : admin
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Nachos and Salsa   Nachos is a Tex-Mex dish from northern Mexico. The dish can be as simple as tortilla chips (totopos) covered with cheese or cheese-based sauce fr a snack. Want a main course add more stuff. Nachos were first created circa 1943 by Ignacio “Nacho” Anaya. In the city of Piedras Negras, Coahuila, Mexico, just over the
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