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5 November, 2017

Homemade Russian Dressing

Homemade Russian Dressing
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Homemade Russian Dressing is a delicious dressing for sandwiches and invented in America. I was unsure if I read right in my first search about Russian dressing being invented in America so I kept checking my data. Wikipedia confirms that the Russian dressing was developed in the USA, Nashua, New Hampshire, by James E. Colburn, likely
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3 September, 2015

Mushroom in Creamy Herb Sauce

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This mushroom in creamy herb Sauce was made last moment as a I realised that  #Badische Schupfnudeln (Potato Noodles)/ Fingernudel (finger noodle) and #Sauerkraut for today’s #Buffet on Table, will be dry and we need some gravy or sauce. Incidentally, this is a #German Meal we are having today, there was not much enthusiasm. Till the
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5 January, 2015

Pesto Rosso for Pasta

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Pesto Rosso for Pasta The month of December dawns with a lot of noise in my house.  Why?  Because the younger one celebrates her birthday and she starts goading me in action from the 15th November. So generally even with my haphazard planning we have something organised for the great day.  It’s hard to believe
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3 January, 2015

Marinara Sauce for Pasta

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Marinara Sauce for Pasta According to Wikipedia, “Marinara  sauce(English: mariner’s) is an Italian tomato sauce that originated in Naples, usually made with tomatoes, garlic, herbs, and onions. Its many variations can include the addition of capers, olives and spices. It is occasionally sweetened with a dash of red wine. Marinara Sauce is used to make pasta generally. This sauce is also widely used in Italian-American cuisine,
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2 January, 2015

Arrabbiata Sauce for Pasta

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Arrabbiata Sauce for Pasta Pasta in any form is enjoyed and devoured without complaints by the girls and their father but they have their individual preferences. Like the younger one will prefer a mixture of white sauce and Arrabbiata or Marinara sauce the older one will worship white sauce but like I said “No Complaints” with
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11 October, 2014

Pizza Sauce

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Pizza Sauce  My friends gift me cookbooks, nothing new in that you will say but this one was something I never expected. The fact that Mahesh in his busy schedule remembered me and brought this book makes it special though he says it’s a take away I am happy with it. Pizza Sauce Ingredients: ¼
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4 September, 2014

Kushari/Koshary/Kosheri/ Koshari~ Egyptian

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  Kushari, also koshary, kosheri or koshari Have you as a child watched the 1956 make of the “The Ten Commandments?” My mother took me and my sister to watch this movie!!! And we were fascinated the visuals and the screenplay was something we had never witnessed before. Cut to present my elder one was to participate in fancy dress and she was
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16 February, 2011

Pungent Sauce

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Pungent Sauce/ Chutney/Masala For my daughter’s birthday had decided to serve Pasta with the usual tomato sauce and white sauce but knowing some of my friends I decided to serve a pungent sauce that I had accidentally stumbled upon.  It so happened that I read about a coriander curry which called for lot of coriander,
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