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1 April, 2014

Khapse/Khap Tse ~Indian State Arunachal Pradesh & Memories

Khapse/Khap Tse ~Indian State Arunachal Pradesh & Memories
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Khapse/Khap Tse meaning fruit of one’s hands are also called Losar and these are made around the Tibetan New Year.  These biscuits are offered to friends and family. It’s actually a joint effort apparently the dough is kneaded by men and the intricate shapes and designs are made by the women. Khap-Tse/ Khapse Arunachal Pradesh   On day
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19 December, 2013

Corn Upit

Corn Upit
Posted in : Blogging Marathon, Breakfast, Snack on by : ArchanaPotdar
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Corn Upit is my memory of childhood where my mom made it as a filling but healthy snack. As a child, I have stayed in rented places always. Pappa used to be transferred after every 3 years and we used to shift bases. I love that life too. It was new friends, new beginnings and
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4 April, 2013

Idli~~ Old wine in a new bottle!

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My daughters’ complaints are basically centred on idli and dosa. For me, it’s a healthy fast food for them its punishment. Dosa they are ready to eat if I have made them after a long time but getting them to eat idlis is like getting your teeth extracted without anaesthesia! I know I am exaggerating
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15 September, 2012

Ultimate Chocolate Cream Cheese Cookies

Ultimate Chocolate Cream Cheese Cookies
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  This is the case of the disappearing cookies!!  I have baked them twice now and both the times they have disappeared, mysteriously!! Apparently, no one has got more than 1 cookie but of the 9 I baked the first time and 12 the second in a family of 5 they are disappearing. Making a mess of what
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28 February, 2012

Mixed Vegetable Pulao BM#13, Day 6

Posted in : Blogging Marathon, Indian Cuisine, Meal, Rice, Rice the Versatile Cereal and Its Uses on by : admin
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Don’t we all race against time? Food has to be on the table by 8pm for my younger kid else the next day is tantrums’ morning. Well this pulao was made in the similar haste the quantities were more than normal as we had a guests please do scale it down. This was the only
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25 February, 2012

Trinidad Pulao BM#13, Day 3

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  This was what Sanjeev Kapoor demonstrated on TV ages ago my elder daughter and I watched it. Her being a very fussy eater I was surprised when she asked me to make it. She must have been 7-8 years then and it’s a favourite with her even now. Unfortunately, for her, I do not
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24 February, 2012

Radish Leaves Pulao BM #13, Day 2

Posted in : Bachelor Recipes, Blogging Marathon, Flax, Indian Cuisine, Kid Friendly, Meal, Rice, Rice the Versatile Cereal and Its Uses, Tiffin box ideas on by : admin
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How super excited I am for I am a part of Blogging Marathon #13 started by Srivalli. I have chosen my theme as Rice. Yesterday I wrote about making palak pulao. Today since my kids kept on pressing me to make it again I decided to hoodwink them. I made Radish Leaves Pulao and presented it as Palak Pulao!!  Basically, this is
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16 April, 2011

ManvinKai Chitra Anna or Raw Mango Rice

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  This is one dish that takes me down the memory lane those carefree childhood days where Amma cooked and I ate and helped her. The reason I loved to help Amma for making Chitra Anna was the raw mango which was grated.  She shouted at us if we ate while grating but always doled
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13 April, 2011

Panha -Raw Mango Drink

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  As I had promised I am back again friends. I missed all of you and I hope you say the same about me. It will take me some time to visit all of you again and read about all that you have done, but I will definitely do so. Any way Summer has set
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3 December, 2010

Pachdi/Raw Salad

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Pachidi/ Raw Salad I remember staying in my friend Savitri’s place she is better known as Savi and she took me all around her vegetable garden plucking various leaves and god alone knows what and making a salad out of the leaves she had plucked along with some tomatoes, cucumbers, onions etc. I was sure
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