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16 September, 2017

Seodha from Awadhi Cuisine

Seodha from Awadhi Cuisine
Comments : 15 Posted in : Awadhi Cuisine, Blogging Marathon, Curry, Festive Cooking, Healthy food, Indian Cuisine, legumes, Mughlai, Ocassions, Protein Rich Food, Shallow Fried, Steamed on by : ArchanaPotdar
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Seodha from Awadhi cuisine is something that I read on Huffington post and loved it. Using arbi or colocasia leaves with urid dal or split black lentil Seodha fits perfectly in the current Blogging Marathon theme Protein rich diet. Awadhi cuisine is from around Lucknow and is influenced by Mughal and Bhojpuri cuisine.  The cooking
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14 September, 2017

Goan Feijoada Alsande and Soya Chunks (Vegetarian)

Goan Feijoada Alsande and Soya Chunks (Vegetarian)
Comments : 19 Posted in : Accompaniments, Bachelor Recipes, Blogging Marathon, Goan, Gravy, Healthy food, Indian Cuisine, legumes, Portuguese Cuisine, Protein Rich Food, Simple and Healthy Vegetarian Diet in Old Age on by : ArchanaPotdar
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Feijoada is a stew, basically of Portuguese origin with beef, pork and beans.  But I made this delicious Goan Feijoada with alsande or cow chick peas and soya chunks. This takes care of your protein needs and fills you up to. Serve with some Goan bread or steamed rice and you can doze off for
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13 September, 2017

Chole Masala| Punjabi Cholay |Kabuli Chana Masala

Chole Masala| Punjabi Cholay |Kabuli Chana Masala
Comments : 14 Posted in : Blogging Marathon, Curry, Festive Cooking, Gravy, Indian Cuisine, Kid Friendly, Meal, North Indian Cuisine, Ocassions, Protein Rich Food, Punjabi Cuisine, Street Food on by : ArchanaPotdar
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Chole masala is also known as Kabuli Chana is a delicious and spicy protein filled gravy from Punjab. Chole Masala is also known as Punjabi Cholay and is enjoyed all around the Indian Subcontinent. If you visit an Indian restaurant one of the dishes on the menu will be chole batura. But you need not
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25 March, 2016

Bhuna Masala Egg Curry

Posted in : Bachelor Recipes, Bhuna Masala, Blogging Marathon, Curry, Eggs, Gravy, Kid Friendly, Masala, Meal, North Indian Cuisine, Quick Meals, Uttar Pradesh on by : ArchanaPotdar
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For a quick, simple but comforting and filling meal  try making #Egg curry with homemade bhuna masala. It’s delicious, tasty and a no complaints meal. I do make egg curry occasionally no one is quite happy about it. So, this time, I used only 5 eggs.  Wish I had not for the girls really enjoyed
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4 September, 2015

Vegetable Balls in Schezwan Sauce| Vegetarian Schezwan

Comments : 10 Posted in : Accompaniments, Blogging Marathon, Cabbage, Capsicum, Carrots, Deep Frying, Garlic, Ginger, Indo-Chinese, Schezwan Sauce on by : ArchanaPotdar
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Now  that we have our  # Vegetarian Fried Rice ready wondering what to pair it with? You can try pairing it with Chilli Mushrooms or Manchurian but I will prefer to team it up with something spicier. So we had our fried rice with #Vegetable Balls in Schezwan Sauce. Actually, you can make the sauce
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28 April, 2014

Mandua ki Roti, Phansu and Til ki Chutney~Indian State: Uttarakhand

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Mandua ki Roti, Phansu and Til ki Chutney~Indian State: Uttarakhand Today we eat Utranchal cuisine. Actually, what I said at home it was “today we eat Uttaranchal. “My younger daughter who is hooked to Percy Jackson, a book based on Greek mythology kept asking me what  kind of monsters are we.  Uttarakhand formerly Uttaranchal, is a state in the northern part of India. It
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2 April, 2014

Labra~ Indian State Assam

Posted in : Accompaniments, Assam Cuisine, Curry, Festive Cooking, Gravy, Healthy food, Indian Cuisine, Vegetable Sides on by : admin
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Labra  Assamese Cuisine   Today on day 3 of  the Blogging Marathon let’s stop at Assam! Think Assam and think Assam tea!! The delicious brew that wakes me up and gets me going! So is Assam all about tea only?  No Assam (Asom, Axom) is a state of India in the north-eastern region. Its capital is Dispur, located within the municipal
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12 April, 2013

Gatte ki Kadhi

Posted in : Accompaniments, Ajwain, Badesop/Saunf/Bedishep/Funnel Seeds, Besan, Blogging Marathon, Chillies, Coriander Seeds/Dhania, Curds-Yogurt, Gravy, Green chilli, Oils, Soda Bicarb-Cooking Soda on by : ArchanaPotdar
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I had always wanted to make Gatte ki Kadhi! Not that I have eaten it but my mom had once described it to me after her visit to Rajasthan. So I tried it out from one cookbook but then the gatte turned out a tad bit too hard! So I was disappointed. But on the same day Anjana Chaturvedi from Maayeka (apt
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