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11 October, 2014

Pizza Sauce

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Pizza Sauce  My friends gift me cookbooks, nothing new in that you will say but this one was something I never expected. The fact that Mahesh in his busy schedule remembered me and brought this book makes it special though he says it’s a take away I am happy with it. Pizza Sauce Ingredients: ¼
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4 October, 2014

North Indian Spice Masala

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This spice mix is amazingly delicious. I have used it occasionally and everytime I have used it I have had rave reviews. Just try it. North Indian Spice Masala Recipe Source: CinnamonNspice Ingredients: 4 tbsp saunf /fennel seeds 2 tbsp coriander seeds 1 tbsp kalonji /nigella seeds 2 cloves 2 black cardamom 4-6 green elichi/cardamom
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1 September, 2014

Mint Chakkah~ A Creamy Curd and Mint Dip

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Mint Chakkah Does this picture remind you of Ice cream? Do you crave to have it? Well so do I? But waits its not ice cream but a Creamy Curd and Mint Dip!! Tastes awesome!! Its called Chakkah !! Chakkah is thick and creamy strained yogurt served in Afghanistan either as a dip or a sauce.
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15 August, 2014

Baharat ~ A Spice Powder from Middle East

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Let’s make Baharat a spice mix, we Indians never seem to get enough of  spice mixtures ;). According to Wikipedia,  “Bahārāt   is a spice mixture or blend used in Arab cuisine, especially in the Mashriq area, as well as in Turkish and Iranian cuisine. Bahārāt is the Arabic word for ‘spices’ (the plural form of bahār’spice’). The mixture of finely ground spices is often used to season lamb, fish, chicken, beef, and soups and
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19 July, 2014

Gor Keri a Raw/Green Mango Pickle

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Last week I shared the pickle masala from the book Marwari Vegetarian Cooking by Sanjeev Kapoor. Try this pickle and enjoy the praises that come your way.My friends have been corrected by my friends that Gor Keri is a Gujarati dish so I am changing my category from Rajasthani to Gujrati. Thanks Vaishali and Preeti!! Gor Keri a
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23 May, 2014

Ranjka/Thecha ~ A Chilli Preserve

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Ranjka/Thecha ~ A Chilli Preserve In Karnataka it’s traditional to make Ranjka also known as Thecha in Maharashtra. This was true as long as Amma could manage it. There used to be pickles, jams and sauces made according to the season. So in the season when red chilles were available ranjka was made. Not that I was keen to
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9 May, 2014

Keri Ki Launjee/ A Raw Mango Preserve

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Keri Ki Launjee I love mangoes both raw and ripe mangoes so when I picked up the book of Marwari Vegetarian cooking by Sanjeev Kapoor I jumped with joy. Valli announced Mango Mania  as a theme. Finally, all my pictures will have a draft. This is a cause for celebration!! Since, I had Marwari neighbours as a kid,
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8 May, 2014

Mango Murabba /Amba cha Murabba/Green Mango Preserve

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  Mango Murabba /Amba cha Murabba/Green Mango Preserve Our mothers were great homemakers. They used to work hard to preserve natures bounties for the times when its not available. We used to live in a colony in 7 Jeevan Vikas, Ramdaspeth, Nagpur. The ladies in the colony use to get together and make sauces, jams,
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28 April, 2014

Mandua ki Roti, Phansu and Til ki Chutney~Indian State: Uttarakhand

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Mandua ki Roti, Phansu and Til ki Chutney~Indian State: Uttarakhand Today we eat Utranchal cuisine. Actually, what I said at home it was “today we eat Uttaranchal. “My younger daughter who is hooked to Percy Jackson, a book based on Greek mythology kept asking me what  kind of monsters are we.  Uttarakhand formerly Uttaranchal, is a state in the northern part of India. It
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