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12 September, 2014

Falafel Wraps for Lebanon

Falafel Wraps for Lebanon
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Falafel Wraps for Lebnon According to Wikipedia which I am quoting verbatim, ”Lebanese cuisine or “Levantine kitchen” includes an abundance of starches, whole grain, fruits, vegetables, fresh fish and seafood; animal fats are consumed sparingly. Poultry is eaten more often than red meat. When red meat is eaten it is usually lamb on the coast and goat meat in the mountain regions. It also includes copious amounts of garlic and olive oil, often
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4 September, 2014

Kushari/Koshary/Kosheri/ Koshari~ Egyptian

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  Kushari, also koshary, kosheri or koshari Have you as a child watched the 1956 make of the “The Ten Commandments?” My mother took me and my sister to watch this movie!!! And we were fascinated the visuals and the screenplay was something we had never witnessed before. Cut to present my elder one was to participate in fancy dress and she was
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1 September, 2014

Chotpoti/A tangy Chaat from Bangladesh

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Chotpoti Hi! So you are joining me again today again for “Around the World in 30 Days’? Welcome! I will love the company… so today let explore B the second alphabet… Actually the options for B are so many Bahrain, Barbados, Belgium to name a few  but since I was keen on choosing my neighbours
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9 April, 2014

Chana Madra~Indian State Himachal Pradesh

Chana Madra~Indian State Himachal Pradesh
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Chana Madra~Himachal Pradesh Cuisine Chana Madra is a delicious dish from Himachal Pradesh. The beautiful state of Himachal Pradesh offers a wide range of lip smacking and savoury food items. The cuisine of Himachal Pradesh has a significant influence of the Punjabi and Tibetan style of food. The people of Himachal Pradesh prefer very spicy food items. In their daily and regular
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20 January, 2012

Kadli/Harbara Chat

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We had been on a vacation to Mahableshwar and Pachgani. On our way back much to the girl’s irritation I brought what in Marathi is called “Harbara” in Kannada called “Kadli Gida”. They are lucky I did not buy red chillies that were on sale in a local market. Can you imagine the state the
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