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17 November, 2017

Eggless Tomato Omelette |Vegetarian Omelette |Besan ka Cheela

Eggless Tomato Omelette |Vegetarian Omelette |Besan ka Cheela
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I rarely make tomato omelette I do not know why actually tomato omelettes are vegetarian, easy and cook fast and are healthy too. Yes, it is Protein-rich too. Tomato omelette is also known as Besan ka Cheela in North India.  This pancake is not restricted to any particular region in India and is available in most
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4 January, 2017

Besan Ladoo/Besan Unde/ बेसन के लड्डू

Besan Ladoo/Besan Unde/ बेसन के लड्डू
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Besan Laddoo is one of the Laddu or laddoos that are common in India. A must have to make any celebration, festivals or religious occasions. Laddus or Unde as they are known in Karnataka, are ball-shaped sweets popular in the Indian Subcontinent. Ladoos are made generally of flour and sugar/ jaggery the ingredients will vary by
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10 April, 2016

Taaze Methi ke Muthia/ Fresh Fenugreek Dumplings

Taaze Methi ke Muthia/ Fresh Fenugreek Dumplings
Posted in : Appetizer, Besan, Chillies, Cutlets, Deep Frying, Flours, Garlic, Green chilli, Gujarati Cuisine, haldi, Healthy food, Indian Cuisine, Kid Friendly, Methi/Fenugreek, Oils, Rice barn, Shallow Fried, Side Dish, Snack, Starter, Steamed, Sugar, Tiffin box ideas, Vegan, Vegetables, Whole wheat on by : ArchanaPotdar
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A muthia is a Gujarati dish where the dough is shaped by gripping it. Serve this vegan dish steamed or fried, as a side dish or as gravy and it’s yum. But let’s start at the very beginning. Muthia is Indian food stuff, Gujarati as we like to be region and cuisine specific. Muth in
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7 July, 2014

Pakke Pakke Tamatar/ Ripe Stuffed Cherry Tomato

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In the book Vegetarian Fare at Taj there are delicious pictures some of them are doable at home some need a lot of thought process for substitutes but the pictures are wow so very delicious!  One such a dish is Kacche Pakke Tamatar! The others that I have already attempted are VendakaiMelugu Peretti, Waal/Long Beans
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12 April, 2013

Gatte ki Kadhi

Posted in : Accompaniments, Ajwain, Badesop/Saunf/Bedishep/Funnel Seeds, Besan, Blogging Marathon, Chillies, Coriander Seeds/Dhania, Curds-Yogurt, Gravy, Green chilli, Oils, Soda Bicarb-Cooking Soda on by : ArchanaPotdar
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I had always wanted to make Gatte ki Kadhi! Not that I have eaten it but my mom had once described it to me after her visit to Rajasthan. So I tried it out from one cookbook but then the gatte turned out a tad bit too hard! So I was disappointed. But on the same day Anjana Chaturvedi from Maayeka (apt
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9 April, 2013

Khandvi or Surli Chya Vadya North Vs South Challenge

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When I was discussing with my SIL the month long marathon that we are running she had suggested Surli Chya Vadya. I chickened out. Then for once the other day I got to watch the TV and I was watching Amul Master Chef the challenge was Khandvi. I was interested but not so keen to
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29 March, 2012

Baby Corn Stir Fry

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My kids like corn but somehow they do not enjoy baby corn.    It is a perpetual quest to make baby corn in the form they will enjoy. One of my recent endeavors has been Baby Corn Stir Fry. This was for the first time that I had tried making snacks for evening but I was saving it
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2 November, 2011

Black and White Wednesday and Vada Pav~~ A Blog Hop #8

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For Today’s Blog Hop, a fantastic way to make new friends, which happens to be Radhika’s brain child  I was paired with Rinku Naveen ,of Rinku’s Kitchen. Do visit her for delicious dishes especially recipes from Kerala. I have bookmarked quite a few from this wonderful Blog. After Diwali and the sweets that we (read
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12 October, 2011

Palak Chakali~ Blog Hop #6

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F or today’s Blog Hop the brain child of Radhika I am paired with Suchitra of  Simple Indian Food. Not only does Suchitra have an enormous number of recipes she has also featured new budding bloggers in her blog. I have bookmarked quite a few recipes to be tried later.  But being festive season I was keen on trying some savories. But savories I wanted had to have some
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