Ragi Chakli|Ragi Murukku
A spiked spiral that your Indian friend will offer is Chakli. It is a  savoury snack from India.
Servings Prep Time
25-30peices 10minutes
Cook Time
Servings Prep Time
25-30peices 10minutes
Cook Time
  1. Dry roast separately the ragi flour, urid dal flour and the rice flour till just warm.
  2. Transfer them to a big mixing bowl and let them cool down.
  3. Roast the til/ sesame seeds until warm.
  4. Add the butter, til, chilli powder, turmeric, and hing, salt to the flour.
  5. Rub the butter in all over the flour.
  6. Using a little water at a time mix and knead the dough.
  7. The dough should form a ball. Knead for a few minutes.
  8. Cover with a kitchen towel and set aside for 10-15 minutes.
  9. Meanwhile, heat the oil in a kadhai/wok for deep-frying.
  10. Keep a plate and then set a metallic sieve on it. (This will drain out all the excess oil).
  11. The dough I had I divided into 3 balls.
  12. Grease the inside of the chakli press. (I do not know why I do it but either my mother or Mother in law did it and it has become a practice).
  13. One practice I do not follow is making the chakli on a plastic paper. I now use 2 slotted spoons alternately. Only grease the spoons initially and then gently dip in the oil. ( I thought I had a video but it is not very clear).
  14. Using clockwise circular movement squeeze out the chakli.
  15. In case you are using the plastic paper, then gently remove the spiral and release it in hot oil. But, if like me you use the slotted spoon then just dip it in the hot oil or turn the spoon upside down close to the oil (please this method of inverting the spoon can cause an oil splash, be very careful.)
  16. Splash the hot oil on the chakli.
  17. Fry until golden brown on both sides. The oil will tend to sizzle, foam initially but as the chakali is cooked the foam tends to settle.
  18. Flip once the foam settles your chakli will be set and hence will not disintegrate. Once you get the hang of it, you will need to flip only twice.
  19. Since the dough is already a dark shade going by colour to fry these chakli results in uncooked chakli. Fry them until a bit darker in shade.
  20. Drain and set on the sieve.
  21. Let them cool before transferring to an airtight container.
Recipe Notes
  • If your chakli breaks when you are squeezing from the mould it means the dough needs more water. Remove the dough from the chakali press, sprinkle some water and knead the dough.
  • It helps if before adding the dough to the press you dip your hand in water and knead it a few times. Keep the unused dough covered.
  • Do not add too many chakali in the oil. Keep the heat constantly on medium heat. Too high will mean the outer side will be burnt and inside will not cook.
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