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I had read this recipe for pasta  here  at Priya’s site it looked delicious and I was dying to try.
So when it was my younger daughter’s ninth birthday I decide to make it!
 The next logical step would be to just list out the ingredients, buy them and make the pasta, simple, as my logical hubby dear told me! The catch was that I had left everything to the last minute and panicked. I could not find the recipe!!  I had not bookmarked it or copied it or e- mailed it and the recipe base that his lady has is amazing…  So I did the next best thing I am very good at you guessed it I went on improvising as I went by.
For The Pasta:
500 g Boccoli 55 Pasta (I mistook it for elbow pasta it turned out to be a squiggly pipe)
5 tblspn Oil
2 tblspn Garlic, crushed
7-8 large onions, chopped fine
250 grams paneer/cottage cheese, cubed
2 cups bite sized cauliflower florets
100 grms of baby corn cut in small pieces
20 olives  
2 red capsicum deseeded and chopped
1 green capsicum deseeded and chopped
2 cups cabbage cut into fine long strips
1.       In a large vessel boil about 8 litres of water with 2 tblspn of salt and oil.
2.       In the boiling water add the pasta and boil till the pasta is cooked or you can cut the pasta with the slotted spoon easily.
3.       Drain the pasta and cool immediately. Apply oil to the pasta and keep aside.
4.       Heat oil in a kadhai and the garlic and fry till golden brown.
5.       Add the chopped onion and fry on medium heat till translucent.
6.       Add panner stir on high flame; add the cauliflower the cauliflower florets stir for about 3-4 minutes next add the baby corn. Put out the flame.
7.       Add salt mix now add the olives, chopped red and green capsicum and cabbage.
8.       Add the pasta mix well.
9.       Serve with tomato sauce, white sauce or pungent sauce.


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