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8 October, 2011

Doodhi Halwa or Bottle Gourd Halwa

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I have already talked about my family lack of sweet tooth so many times that you must be all bored. But that does not stop me from trying out new recipes or reinventing the old ones now that I have found appreciative ‘Bakaras  & Bakaris’ at work!! 🙂
For Duserra I decided to make Doodhi Halwa or as it is known as in Goa “Konkan Doodhi Halwo”!
Now Doodhi or bottle gourd has a lot of health benefits (check here) as     Ramdev Baba has kept telling us so hubby dear has stopped grumbling when I buy it. Thanks a lot Baba because of you I have tried many ways of including this veggie in our diet masking it many a times.
Believe me I have used it in Thalipeeth, Pav bhaji, Kofta, Paratha, even tried chutney!! Now the girls have stopped guessing what I am upto.
 I have it the day Apeksha will decide that she wants to learn cooking the cat will be out of the bag and I will tumble like nine pins! Guess each dog has its own day and I have had mine.

Coming back to the halwa there was a cookery competition the theme was desserts and I had decided to participate. Desserts mean sweets and hence I made this halwa and not mentioned it at home. I mean they knew there was this competition and I had entered it but to all appearances, I was going to carry Jam Tarts.
We had some guests and since this halwa was ready I served it. After they left (thank God) hubby dear asked me what on earth was it that what I servedL .  But when I carried it to Office today everyone loved it.  So I thought I will share it here with you friends and let you make up your mind about “what on earth”!
1 cup (and a little more) Doodhi grated (approx)
2 tsp Ghee (tastes better with home made ghee)
½ cup sugar
1 tblspn water
Raisins and cashew nuts
Elichi powder
Kesar or saffron strands
1.     In a kadhai/wok add the grated doodhi and ghee. Fry till the doodhi wilts and you get a nice aroma. Please do this on a low flame and stir constantly to prevent it from burning.
2.     I had not measured the amount of grated doodhi before but did so after frying it was 1 cup. Keep aside.
3.     In the same kadhai/wok add the cashew nuts and raisins and stir fry till the cashew nuts are slightly brown. Remove and mix with the fried bottle gourd, elaichi and saffron. I used the fine pieces that we get here called kani do buy it when you come down to Goa it can be used very conveniently in most gravy and is cheaper than the regular cashew nut.
4.      Now in the same kadhai/wok add the sugar and water.  Heat and stir till sugar melts. Boil add a drop of the syrup added to a cup of water. The drop of syrup should form a soft ball. Your syrup is ready.
5.     Now add the mixed bottle gourd and stir. The whole mixture becomes watery don’t panic. Continue boiling it on low flame stirring occasionally. Till the mix come to the centre and forms a lump. Continue heating for about 5 minutes again on low flame stir constantly.
6.     Switch off the gas and cool a bit. Form balls and serve.
P.S.:  1.If you want the halwa in a form of cubes continue heating the mixture. You will understand that the halwa is done when the sugar starts crystallising on the sides of the vessel. Remove on a greased tray. Pat with another small plate greased side down. Cut when slightly warm.
2. You can also use mava or khoya to get a richer halwa.
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