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13 July, 2017

Quick Kalakand, Mishri-Mawa, Milk Cake Recipe

Quick Kalakand,  Mishri-Mawa, Milk Cake Recipe
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With Raksha Bandhan round the corner, I made Kalakand. The reason being my thought are turning towards my appreciative brother, who was a kid when I made kalakand 29 years ago, just before I got married. There is one more person I remember Umesh he is my rakhi brother. Kalakand is an Indian sweet that
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23 June, 2017

Indian Pickles the Mouth-Watering Condiment

Indian Pickles the Mouth-Watering  Condiment
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The word “Pickle” may be used to refer to the soup you may be in or the condiment that you eat! But the foodie in me prefers to think of the condiment. So what are pickles? Pickles are made to preserve seasonal foods and are generally preserved with salt, oil, lime or vinegar. Many a
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13 May, 2017

6 Much Loved Biryanis

6 Much Loved Biryanis
Posted in : Indian Cuisine, Kid Friendly, Lists, Much Loved Biriyani on by : ArchanaPotdar
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A Biryani is also known as biriyani or biriani.  The best biriyani cooks are Muslims of the Indian subcontinent and why not the different varieties of Biryani were developed in the Muslim centres of India. When I was researching for paella and Biryani the theme at   Wikipedia (I start there and end there.) I have discovered many more varieties that will find
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30 April, 2017

Capsicum or Bell Peppers, A Compilation

Capsicum or Bell Peppers, A Compilation
Posted in : Capsicum, Capsicum or Bell Pepper Recipes, Lists on by : ArchanaPotdar
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 Bell peppers or Capsicum not only taste good they come with a lot of health benefits. Bell peppers as they also called can be eaten raw or cooked. They are ideal for stuffing also.Preserve the capsicum as jam, air dry and dried or plain freeze them. Eat capsicum to keep a healthy heart, can help
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27 April, 2017

Mango Recipes we Love

Mango  Recipes we Love
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A compilation some of the preparations from Mango both raw or green and ripe! Mangoes the king of fruit that is much awaited all over the world! It is the juiciest, “bestest” fruit in the world! Unfortunately, the king of fruits who rules over India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Philippines rules the fruit market in the from March to May! 
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26 April, 2017

Akshay Tritiya Festive Sweets Recipes

Akshay Tritiya Festive Sweets Recipes
Posted in : Akshay Tritiya Festive Sweets Recipes, Dessert, Lists on by : ArchanaPotdar
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Akshaya Tritiya is a holy day for Hindus and is considered one of the 3 1/2 auspicious days. It falls in on the 3rd day of the bright half of the Month of Vaishakha. The work “Akshay” means inexhaustible, imperishable or never diminishing and this day is supposed to bring good luck and hence new ventures,
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4 January, 2017

Sajji Rotti for Bhogi Habba~Sankranti Special

Sajji Rotti for Bhogi Habba~Sankranti Special
Comments : 12 Posted in : Bajara/Pearl Millet/Sajji, Bajra, Blogging Marathon, Diabetics Friendly Foods, Festive Cooking, Flours, Gujarati Cuisine, Healthy food, Indian Cuisine, Indian Flat Bread, Karnataka Cuisine, Lists, Maharashtrian Cuisine, Meal, Sankranti Special, Simple and Healthy Vegetarian Diet in Old Age, Whole grains on by : ArchanaPotdar
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As 14th January fast approaches, we have a festival coming up. Sankranti or Sankramana. The day before is celebrated in Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh as Bhogi and we celebrate the fresh farm produce . Tumgai palaya, Sajji Rotti being today’s highlights along with Good Saar and Huggi. But a bit more about the famous festival. The
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3 January, 2017

Deep Fried Modak~ Ganesh Special

Deep Fried Modak~ Ganesh Special
Comments : 14 Posted in : Blogging Marathon, Deep Frying, Festive Cooking, Ganesh Festival Recipe List, Goan, Indian Cuisine, Karnataka Cuisine, Kid Friendly, Lists, Maharashtrian Cuisine on by : ArchanaPotdar
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Deep-fried modak are obviously deep-fried in oil, unlike the steamed Modak. The shell of the deep fried modak is made from whole wheat flour and the stuffing is traditionally jaggery and fresh coconut. The fried modak last longer and taste different. Also unlike the Ukdiche modak where you get the finesse after practice, this modak does
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