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18 May, 2016

Lion House Rolls & Stuffed Lion House Rolls

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I was to make these shaped yeasted bread for they were my theme for this week’s blogging marathon. As I hunted high and low for what I can make I remembered that I had made these Shaped Bread Rolls and there were some shapes that I had not made. So I decided to make the
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17 May, 2016

No Knead Light Wheat Loaf

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In the blogging marathon, we believe in challenging out limits and set newer horizons for self and others. So many times we have challenges that double up as themes. One such challenge was Taming the Yeast, the monster personified. Then Varada of Varada’s Kitchen had set us a challenge of No Knead Light Wheat Loaf.
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5 December, 2013

Egg-less Slovak Paska Bread – Easter Special

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For Baking eggless, which happens to be Gayatri’s baby where we adapt bakes to egg less bakes, this month we were to bake Slovak Paska Bread – Easter Special. When I first saw the bread I was amazed and had my doubts.  This time as we were to make shapes with the dough!!!!!!!!!! The fact that
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27 October, 2013


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For the WE KNEAD TO BAKE this time we are baking sandwich bread. The only change was it’s a bread is a 100% Whole Wheat Sandwich Bread. Aparna has adapted Peter Reinhart’s recipe for 100% Whole Wheat Sandwich Bread from his book “Whole Grain Breads” he recipe uses a soaking procedure and the Biga/ sponge
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16 October, 2013

Eggless Pumpkin Yeasted Bread

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We at Baking Partners are this month due to Halloween Baking with Pumpkin. The choice was either bread or loaf starring Pumpkin.  We could make any one of the two recipe. The recipes are suggested by Tamy of This one was a relief to read about and make after the Kronuts. In fact wanted
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30 September, 2013

Z for Zwieback

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Today is the last day of the Blogging Marathon with alphabets. It has been a wonderful series and I have enjoyed myself a lot. There is nothing like being among friends and likeminded ones who think mostly about food. Well it’s the cherry on the top, the icing on the cake… to name a few
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27 September, 2013

W for Whole Wheat Rosemary Garlic Bread

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As a part of Blogging Marathon for the month of September we are blogging with alphabets. Must say that thanks to this marathon lot of my bookmarks got nudged to the done list! There are some that are loved a lot and I am asked to make them again. This Whole Wheat Rosemary Garlic Bread
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26 September, 2013

KhaliatNahal (Honeycomb Buns or Bee’s Hive Buns)

Comments : 3 Posted in : Arabic Cusine, Bread, Capsicum, Carrots, Cauliflower, garam masala, Garlic, Maida, Milk, Paneer, Red Chilli Powder, Sugar, Til/Yellu/Sesame Seeds, Yeast on by : ArchanaPotdar
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This moth for WE KNEAD TO BAKE  Aparna set us a relatively easy bake KhaliatNahal (Honeycomb Buns or Bee’s Hive Buns). The  bread that can be made sweet or savoury. It is typical of Middle Eastern confectionery  that it is filled and then covered with sugar syrup/ glaze which is typical of Middle Eastern confectionery. ​Hi!
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29 August, 2013

Crunchy/ Hard Pretzels ~We Knead to Bake

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Finally my post for We Knead to Bake! Whew! what a month we have had with my father’s surgery and Father-in-laws abscess draining and the subsequent rise and fall of his sugar… I hope we are on a even keel now! So my worries and miseries apart here we go…. For this month for WE
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2 June, 2013

Egg-less Doughnuts

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Finally I made doughnuts the challenge as a part of egg less baking challenge. I am late this time but then something’s I could not help. I had an asthmatic attack and viral flu together and frying was not a good idea not especially when  I cannot stand for long. Doughnuts are my girls favourite
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