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26 December, 2011

Peas and Tofu Pulao

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  Winter heralds fresh vegetables, cauliflower, carrots, spinach and the freshest of peas. Pretty and green all in a row!! We all love peas especially if it means you get to eat them straight from the pods. Generally we buy peas just for eating. So the tender ones get eaten and I am left with
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27 October, 2011

Palak Salad 2

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I was to post a soup recipe today but there is a small hitch I have not made it as yet. I cannot decide if I want to make Lung Fung Soup or Hot and Sour as I want a Chinese soup. Given a choice Hubby will say Sweet Corn, Elder one something exotic which
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26 October, 2011

Tossed Salad with Sweet Lime

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Stuck with some chopped cabbage that I needed to finish off and with something new that daughter demanded I came up with this simple but very tasty salad. I have never before used sweet lime in my salad but after this once I will never stop using it in my salads. There is no such
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24 October, 2011

Sprouted Masoor Salad

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I love massor its always in my fall back plan when there are no veggies in at home because you can soak it up at the last possible moment but still you get a delicious Tonak out of it. So I had the other day.  At the last possible moment, I decided that the quantity
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12 October, 2011

Palak Chakali~ Blog Hop #6

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F or today’s Blog Hop the brain child of Radhika I am paired with Suchitra of  Simple Indian Food. Not only does Suchitra have an enormous number of recipes she has also featured new budding bloggers in her blog. I have bookmarked quite a few recipes to be tried later.  But being festive season I was keen on trying some savories. But savories I wanted had to have some
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8 October, 2011

Doodhi Halwa or Bottle Gourd Halwa

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I have already talked about my family lack of sweet tooth so many times that you must be all bored. But that does not stop me from trying out new recipes or reinventing the old ones now that I have found appreciative ‘Bakaras  & Bakaris’ at work!! 🙂 For Duserra I decided to make Doodhi
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26 September, 2011

Cheese Dosa

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  My daughter’s favourite, sorry one of her favourite breakfast is Cheese dosa. If this goes in tiffin Complaint Box goes quietly to school .Then comes back and complains that she did not get the dosa as her friends finished it. How do you make it? Make a plain masala dosa and grate cheese on
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22 September, 2011

Alsande Usal

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I am thrilled my post Corn Dhokla has given me maximum hits of 1072 in one single day! This I thought was the end of the story but yesterday  I read   Umm Mymoonah post and   she has selected mine. My cup of joy is overflowing!! Thanks dear !  Now coming to today’s post… Alsande or I believe they are called Cow
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13 September, 2011

Steamed Healthy Instant Corn Dhokla

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Healthy Instant Corn Dhokla is a a  dhokla lovers instant fix. Would you like some now?  For this instant no need to wait for the batter to ferment? Do you want it to be healthy, with veggies and no complaints from the kids? If your answer is yes then this recipe is for you! I
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