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Ranjka/Thecha ~ A Chilli Preserve

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Ranjka/Thecha ~ A Chilli Preserve In Karnataka it’s traditional to make Ranjka also known as Thecha in Maharashtra. This was true as long as Amma could manage it. There used to be pickles, jams and sauces made according to the season. So in the season when red chilles were available ranjka was made. Not that I was keen to
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Lapsi a Maharashtrian Delicacy

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  “Lapsi” this is a very delicious porridge that is great breakfast dish for young and old alike. The pro in “Lapsi’s”   favour is that its light to digest and very filling and most importantly very healthy. But making “Lapsi” is tedious process. You need to soak the wheat to make the “Lapsi” for 3 days. The
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Masala Bhath| Spiced rice with Gherkins|Masala Bhat

Masala Bhath| Spiced rice with Gherkins|Masala Bhat
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During my second pregnancy, Masale Bhat was what I craved!! I wanted to eat the strangest possible things   “adki” i.e. betel nut powder that my Papa makes (mind you I could barely stand the stuff before and used to wonder how my siblings could stuff themselves with it) to masala bath I wanted it all. I still remember
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Alsande Usal

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I am thrilled my post Corn Dhokla has given me maximum hits of 1072 in one single day! This I thought was the end of the story but yesterday  I read   Umm Mymoonah post and   she has selected mine. My cup of joy is overflowing!! Thanks dear !  Now coming to today’s post… Alsande or I believe they are called Cow
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Upit or Upma

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Upit, Upma, Uppittu,Sajjige, Uppuma, Uppumavu, Uppindi, Uppittu, Kharabath, Upeet, wow what a lot of names for the humble breakfast item. I just cannot think why I have not posted this simple recipe for so long. I had made this version when onions were expensive! Ha Ha so long! You have forgotten all about the onion prices
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Panha -Raw Mango Drink

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  As I had promised I am back again friends. I missed all of you and I hope you say the same about me. It will take me some time to visit all of you again and read about all that you have done, but I will definitely do so. Any way Summer has set
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Baigan Bharta

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Baigan Bharta (in Curds) I have always thought Baigan/Brinjal/eggplant/baidnikai/vanga Bharta is the most common recipe found in the length and breadth of the country. I am sure each region will have a different way of making the same Baigan using local tastes and then individual tastes into a totally different bharta.     The most common one
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Til/Sesame Seeds Laddo ~ Sankranti Special

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I had as usual left buying the “Chikki” jaggery till the last minute and forgot all about it. So I decided to make the kind of laddo that my MIL/Mom made with out “Chikki” jaggery.  To get to the proportions I rang my SIL who was not too sure about the proportions but told me
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Gul Poli~ Sankranti Special

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Come January it is time for “Sankranti” or “Pongal” the northward journey of the sun, basically the harvest season.  Different regions of our country celebrate it differently. Here in Goa now that the days are longer women go around celebrating “Haldi Kum Kum” bedecked in beautiful saris, jewellery visiting each others homes.  This also the
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Ghhat Varan

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When I was newly married I wondered why my MIL boiled extra Toor daal and kept a big ball of it in the fridge. But being very vague about the quantities needed and totally inexperienced I kept quiet. The reply to my question was in the evening when guests dropped in and were to have
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