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11 January, 2017

Kheer, Shavige Payasa or Vermicelli Payasam

Kheer, Shavige Payasa or Vermicelli Payasam
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For me, Kheer means with vermicelli? It’s also called Payasa or Payasam. There is no end to delicious and yummy pudding and the variety of kheer you can have. You can have  Chawal ka Kheer, Godi Kutid Payasa, Moong Dal Payasa, Aliva che Kheer, Peas Payasa, Kheer with Bottle Gourd & Sago, the Goan Special Mangane to name a
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2 September, 2016

Moong dal Kheer

Moong dal Kheer
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As kids the menu for breakfast  used to be Chapati or Poori, Kheer generally Moong dal Kheer or Vermicilli Payasa, some vegetable! I wonder how Amma managed it all! I loved Shavgi Payasa or the Semiya Payasa as a child and tolerated hesarbale payasa which is moong dal payasa! Now I feel that Moong dal
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4 October, 2015

Lapsi-Cracked Wheat Porridge

Comments : 21 Posted in : Accompaniments, Blogging Marathon, Cashew Nuts, Dalia, Dessert, Elichi/ Green Cardamon, Gujarati Cuisine, Indian Cuisine, Indian Desserts, Keasr/Saffron, Milk, Nuts, Payasa/Kheer, Rava on by : ArchanaPotdar
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For the blogging marathon #56 I had made for my Gujarat Thali  a sweet dish called Lapsi. I had one bowl when it was warm the rest was chilling in the fridge as I was too full.(there is no need to smile).  Fact is fact I am the only one who will be eating it so
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