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26 June, 2013

Agshi Pudi or Flax Seed Powder

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Agashi chutney pudi is another essential in North Karnataka food.  In case you are wondering what Agshi is its nothing but flax seeds. As a child I remember using flax seed soaked water to mix my mehendi. “ Accha tar aata hai.”  But now with age my perceptions have changed. I look at it as
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24 June, 2013

Bhat Masala and Yummy Bhat South Indian Style

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I realised that my cousins are all grown up a bit too late. They are all married now with kids of their own but I still think of them as the Brats! Reason being “the kids” my Aunts left behind to make my life miserable, the only way I could get them to behave was
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10 May, 2013

Kapi Cho Potatoes

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  My dad has always encouraged me to cook right from the time I was a kid to now. He himself is a very good cook and loves presenting me with new books. So time ago he had presented me with Cooking and More by Tarla Dalal. In one of them I found this delicious
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21 April, 2013

Mixed Pickle of Raw Mangoes, Cauliflower and Carrots

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Eat your hearts out girls but these are the raw mangoes hanging outside my kitchen service balcony. They are all mine. Mine to make anything out of them! Even as I am crowing about the mangoes being mine my daughters are at work, plucking them out to just chop them and eat them!  Well since
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27 March, 2012

Hot Cross Idli

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My husband is a great fan of cheese.  Any cheese is okay with him in fact if there is no cheese, no let me rephrase it there have to be minimum 2 kinds  of cheese at home else I am a bad manager! Now he constantly after me to make cheese idli, his preferred breakfast
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11 March, 2012

Cauliflower Salad

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My friend Vidys’s mother made this delicious salad as an accompaniment  with her famous Prawns Khichidi. Prawn Khichidi is something that we all relished and consumed and this was an ideal side dish. Yes I do eat and relish Non-Veg. food I just do not cook it. Like my friend Sheetal knows fish is my dessert.
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22 February, 2012

Homemade Delicious Biryani Masala

Homemade Delicious Biryani Masala
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I am definitely in love with this Biryani masala. It unfailing gives you an amazingly aromatic Biryani.  I do not know the name of the author of this post nor the site that I have downloaded this as it was something I did ages ago.  In case you know whose post this was please let
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27 October, 2011

Palak Salad 2

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I was to post a soup recipe today but there is a small hitch I have not made it as yet. I cannot decide if I want to make Lung Fung Soup or Hot and Sour as I want a Chinese soup. Given a choice Hubby will say Sweet Corn, Elder one something exotic which
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8 September, 2011

Lasun Chutney or Garlic Chutney

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Lasun Chutney or Garlic Chutney  is what I have been planning to make for ages. But have got sidetracked on a regular basis. The reason may be that I do not enjoy it as much the rest of my family.  I know it is good for the heart etc but …. So the day has finally
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31 August, 2011

Carrot Salad/ Gajari Kosambari

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This is a simple salad that we all make easy & delicious. I love to carry this to work as it goes well with both chapatti and rice. Ingredients: 2 carrots, grated 1 green chilli, chopped fine ½ cup milk 1 tblspn curd Salt Coriander Method: 1.     Mix all the ingredients in the container that you
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